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OK, so normally this is mostly my lunch time activity, but I am super slammed today and I still have a bunch of photos to upload (read: I currently don't have time or access to quality material to write you a more interesting post) so today I am keeping it short.

First, I figured out the other day that if you are subscribing by e-mail you can't see the nifty stuff I added to the blog when I point it when I say, "I added that book widget over there →"....and you don't see anything.  So, I encourage you to hit this link to get the full effect, or just stumble by the actual blog once in awhile to check out any potentially interesting changes.

Next, did you know I have a Facebook page for the blog?  Yes, I know there is a "Like" button and a little Facebook box over there → but again, maybe you are getting this via e-mail or just didn't see it.  I am posting all of the blog posts to Facebook (and all of the blog post photos), so if you want to follow via FB, please give me a "like". 

Last, I am also posting photos to Flickr, which you can see in the feed above ↑.  Flickr is where I will post all race photos - I take a ton, so I don't always put all of them in the blog post, but I do post all of them to Flickr.  So there.

Now that the "stuff" is done, I bring you this food tip - the FoodSaver.  The Cyclist talked me into buying one of these a couple of years ago.  We got ours at Target; it is not as fancy as the one on the first page of the FoodSaver site...I think it's probably the earlier version of this one.  But whatever.  I thought this was totally silly to buy, but The Cyclist insisted and I gave in.  I have to say, this thingy is worth having, especially if you shop at Costco, which we do. 

Since there are only 2.5 of us, when we buy meat, I split it up and seal it into FoodSaver bags.  It keeps the meat from getting freezer burnt and also keeps it from being wasted, i.e., by not being forced to cook or defrost too much at once.

We recently scored this nice piece of line-caught salmon from Costco...

...The Cyclist was able to cut it into 10 fillets (we should have done 8 but oh well)...

...we used the FoodSaver to seal 2 fillets per bag...

...and stuck them all in the freezer.

I use this for all of our meat, including the 1lb packages of turkey meat - we usually only use 1/2 a package at a time.  Additionally, when The Munchkin was still eating little food, I would often take leftovers (like pasta), put it through the food processor, make a single serving FoodSaver bag and freeze it.  These little bags were handy when we travelled because all we had to do was pop it in the microwave and viola!  A healthy meal for The Munchkin.

So, that is my tip to you!

(More interesting posts to follow).

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