Moscow Mule's

It's cocktail week in Sac-Town!  Let's make us some Moscow Mule's!

I first heard about Moscow Mule's when Oprah was making them for other campers in Yosemite.  If you have not seen this, you should watch it - it is hilarious.

Anyway, when I featured the Ginger People Drinks and discovered all the sweet drink recipes the Ginger People site, I knew I wanted to make me some Moscow Mule's Ginger People style!

We are of course going to use some Ginger Beer....

....along with this other good stuff.....

Now, please note - the Ginger People's Moscow Mule recipe calls for the following:

2oz vodka
1oz lime juice

The Cyclist went to the store and found that the Absolut Citron vodka was on sale, so he bought that instead of regular vodka.  Additionally, he could not find the lime juice, so he instead got limeade and limes.

Although our Moscow Mule's were pretty tasty, I think they would have been better with plain vodka.  There is something about the Citron that is just no bueno to me and I think it killed the ginger taste a bit.  The limeade and limes were fine.

So, using ingredients you prefer with the measurements above, shake it up and....

...viola!  A tasty and refreshing cocktail for summertime!

Also to note, Oprah's recipe is a little different, but can still be made with our favorite Ginger Beer.

Enjoy cocktail week!

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  1. We'll be sure to have real lemon juice on hand for LB's b-day... Plus I think Donald is bringing his Margarita Maker so maybe we'll have some GingeRita's too!

  2. Sweet! Glad we're staying down there!


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