Prosciutto Caprese

First off, I swear not everything I make has prosciutto in it.  Although, it is awfully tasty and I probably could manage to slip it in to most recipes.  After all, who doesn't love fancy bacon?  However, because we fell in love with that cod recipe, we have been creating things to use up the left-over prosciutto.  This one was sort of an accident, so I only have a photo of the finished product.

The Cyclist bought these beautiful heirloom tomatoes at the Tuesday Farmer's Market (he hits that one up if I can't make it to the Sunday market).  We had fresh basil on hand - I always try to keep a couple of basil plants going in the summer because basil is good, easy to grow and nice to have fresh.  I bought a small tub of fresh mozzarella balls (cherry size, in water) and cut them in half to go in the salad.  If you are making any type of caprese salad, I think it is super important to get the fresh (in water) mozzarella.  If you use the dry kind it just won't taste as good.

Instead of doing slices of tomato, I chopped them up and put them in my serving dish (chopped was easier for The Munchkin to eat).  I added chopped basil and the halved mozzarella balls.  I then sliced the prosciutto lengthwise, minced a couple garlic cloves and sauteed both until the prosciutto was a little crispy.  I let the prosciutto and garlic cool down, then added it to the dish.  I mixed it all around and threw on a couple splashes of balsamic.

I didn't add any seasoning to this.  The prosciutto was just salty enough and the balsamic complimented nicely.

I put the entire recipe on Tasty Kitchen.  Enjoy!

I also shared this recipe at Melt in Your Mouth Monday, click the link for more great recipes!

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