The weekend before last we went to the Rio annual BBQ.  Rio is the first team The Cyclist raced for and I think we both consider it the "home" team.  We ♥ all our Rio peeps!

One thing about (most) cyclists is they like to eat - hey, it's important to re-fuel after all those calories get burned!  The food at a cyclist event is always good (at least in my experience) and often creative.

I did not take a ton of pics because I was too busy socializing, but I did get these....

This guac was amazing.  I thought it had ranch seasoning in it, but no!  Sour cream was the secret ingredient.
I am definitely adding sour cream next time I make guacamole.
A note on the chips - these were multi-grain scoops; I have not had these before but I thought they were better than the regular kind.

Can't have a BBQ without watermelon.  But this wasn't just any watermelon....
The secret sauce of Bacardi poured over the top added a nice little punch.

I don't think a cyclist BBQ would be complete without a crumb-topped berry pie from Ikeda's...yum.
I'm sorry I missed a slice of this!

Now this I thought was awesome. 
This big tray had all this good stuff (can you see the chocolate at the top left?) and was spread out over butcher paper with some crackers on the side.
The presentation was really beautiful.  I am totally going to copy this at some point.
Cheers to whoever made this one!

Also, RR - the tri-tip was perfect, but I did not get a photo because....I ate it.  :)

And...onto some photos of the event....

I ♥ yard art.

I ♥ yard art (again).

I assume all of the really good pictures will get posted here....maybe? 
But even so you should "like" this page.

Thank you to our hosts Jim E. & Mrs. E for a great event!!

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