CRASH! Blam.

So, in cycling there are crashes.  When they happen in races they make us spectators cringe and say ohhh, ouch!  They happen on training rides too, which is what went down last night.

Little old me was sitting at the kitchen table writing thank you notes when I saw The Cyclist's shadow on the wall.  Without looking up I said "how was the ride?" and he just stood there.  When I finally did look up I said "what the H-E-double hockey sticks happened?"  OK, I didn't say exactly that, but you get the idea.

Turns out that during the group ride (Generic) on a curve (with maybe a downhill?) on some yucky pavement, The Cyclist got a front flat.  POP!  Boo.  And of course, CRASH!  Blam.

Here is the on-scene photo of the damage (thank you Jim E.)


Unfortunately, the rider behind The Cyclist, who I'm going to call E, took the worst of it.  In a successful attempt to avoid running The Cyclist over, E hit a curb and his face/head.  I am told he was up and talking by the time these guys arrived...

...but we are still waiting for updates on his current condition.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and we hope he is OK!  Please comment with any info if you have it.  (Thank you again Jim E. for the on-scene shots).

When my Cyclist arrived home I realized one of the items on my current list for Tarjay was, of course, peroxide.  I ran out the door to grab that and other first aid supplies, including Tegaderm.  In case you were wondering, Target on 65th does not sell Tegaderm, we bought the last pack from Rite Aid on Folsom and CVS on Folsom still has a decent selection left after we raided it.

Speaking of Tegaderm, do you think these people know who they're marketing to or what?

All cyclists & cycling related peeps should be buying stock in this stuff. 
At $15 bucks a box we'll all get rich.

Once the goods were purchased, The Cyclist proceeded to turn our shower into a scene from Psycho...

...while dropping a bunch of F-bombs and shouting "Salamaka!" (that was for you Rizzle M. and Mizzle H.) as he dumped peroxide all over himself...

...and I set up my nursing station...

1 large Tegaderm
2 1/2 small Tegaderm's
2 large Band-Aid's
2 small Band-Aid's later....

...we were all patched up.

Anyone interested in purchasing a gently used kit?

All silliness aside, I hope this illustrates the importance of always wearing a helmet.  Crashes are inevitable, so please protect your dome pieces.

Our thoughts and prayers to E who we hope is making a speedy recovery.

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  1. "Once the goods were purchased, The Cyclist proceeded to turn our shower into a scene from Psycho..." That made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the photos to prove it. Nice job on the blog, Sarah. I can't stop reading. Your writing style is so comfortable.

  2. Wow, thank you! What a nice compliment. Glad you are enjoying the blog.


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