Training Update, Bike to Work Challenge & 2 Race Weekend

Well, I really wanted to do a post on the Strawberry Crown Criterium that The Cyclist raced on Saturday, but I am still editing the photos darn it!  My picture skills are improving, so I got some pretty good ones this time.  I intend to complete my Strawberry Crown Crit & Strawberry Festival post by tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Last weeks training was decent.  I was off Monday because I got super dehydrated at Tour De Nez, needless to say, I skipped cycling that day.  I did manage to ride my bike to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesday night I rode after work and it was just plain hard.  It's amazing what skipping one week can do.  Thursday I didn't do anything exercise wise because I spent half the day getting my hair did and completing my name change activities at the Social Security office.  I am now officially Mrs. O!  Wednesday I swam with my pal after work.  This is one of my favorite work-out activities - Thank You C.G.!  The weekend was nutzo with The Munchkin's first swimming lesson (fun!), an attempt at attending a birthday party (sick birthday girl = no party) and travel to Watsonville and Pleasanton for two races in two days; no training was done.  Overall, not bad.

So, since I've mentioned a few times that I bike to work, I figured I'd probably explain this a little co-worker and I started the "Bike to Work Challenge" two years ago.  We have a contest every year to see who rides to work the most.  The winner gets a six pack of beer at our Firm Outing (more on this later) in late September, early October.  The rules have changed over the years...I think this year is the most fair.  Because we work for an accounting related firm, we (of course) have a spreadsheet to track our progress:

As you can see, I am currently leading by 1 point (woot-woot!).  We get 1 point for each bike to/from work, 1 point for every 100 post work ride miles and 1 point for whoever has the longest streak (I currently am holding the title for that too).

Although a six pack of beer may not be the biggest prize, the real fun is in the smack talking.  Seriously though, anything that gives you motivation to exercise is good.  Riding to work isn't some huge work-out, but it's something, plus it is always good to decrease your carbon footprint.  So, that is why I ride to work.

Now....I think the six pack this year should be a six pack of these:

If you have not had a Pliny yet, you should definitely try one.  Good luck finding it though, cause I'm not giving up my secret location!
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