Mystery Garden

Finally!  I feel like I've been pimpin' this post too much and it's now going to end up being a let down.  But who cares?!  I'm determined to share our garden of mystery!!

About a year ago, The Cyclist built me these nifty compost bins...
...(I told you he was handy). 

Compost, anyone?
The initial idea was that we could use the compost in the garden boxes we intended to build in Spring... ....which we did not do. 
Planning a wedding really is a full time job apparently.
That's OK though because we're cutting down on landfill waste by throwing all of our left-over veggie pieces and yard trimmings in here.  If you don't have a compost bin you can throw all the same stuff in your county green waste bin (assuming you have one).  It really cuts down on trash.
BTW, if you have one of these:
you'll need to add that mesh netting to your compost bin or he will eat all your compost. 
Especially if yours is a Lab too.

So sadly, we didn't get our garden boxes built because we were too busy, but then....
....a miracle occurred...
...a mysterious miracle at that...
...a garden sprouted out of our compost bin!
Presto!  Just like that!
After seeing these pretty flowers....
...The Cyclist announced we were now squash farmers.
In visiting the Farmer's Market I also learned we were squash blossom farmers.
Did you know they sell these bad boys at the market?
Apparently people stuff them with goat cheese and other things....interesting.
So, The Cyclist was right, we are squash farmers... addition to being squash farmers, we are apparently also....
gourd farmers?

...Pumpkin farmers???
What the...?

Needless to say, we aren't really sure how this happened other than we probably threw our Halloween pumpkins and gourds in the compost bin and they decided to multiply.  But, because we like adventure, we are letting this crazy mystery garden flourish!

Suegee (that's your name for the blog, you know who you are), we hope you have your annual pumpkin carving party this year!  We're hoping we get an automatic win for bringing homegrown pumpkins!

In the meantime, I'll be cooking this squash tonight, so I will report back.  If anyone has guesses or thoughts on what specifically our garden is growing, please share.  Maybe these aren't pumpkins? 

Coming soon - blog post & photos of Sunday's NCNCA crit champ race....stay tuned!

**I shared this over at Centsational Girl - click the link for lot's of great gardening ideas!

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  1. I think there is some cross pollination going on here!


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