Training Update

OK, so this will be a short post for two reasons:
  1. Last weeks training was no bueno.
  2. I took a million pictures at Tour De Nez so my race post is going to take some extra time.
I decided I would skip my usual Monday night post work ride last week so I could put some work in on Kitchen Re-Model Phase One (I'll be sharing some of this soon!).  But, instead I cooked dinner and did other house chores while The Cyclist worked on the kitchen.

I've decided skipping planned workout's to do other things is just dumb.  I usually don't get done what I think I will and then I've missed a workout.  So, I'm going to try and not do that anymore.

I still have not gone running.  I really need to jump back into this, but the hot weather is completely dissuading me.  I should get up early and go at least once a week, but so far that has not happened.  Weird how I am able to do this in the dead of winter when it is dark, but not now.

I did swim on Wednesday!  And I rode my bike everyday, except I didn't ride home on Thursday - The Cyclist and The Munchkin met me after work and we swapped the car so The Cyclist could do his group ride.

On Friday, I did a bad thing....

Yes.  Yes I did.

So overall, I give last weeks training a poor review.  Shame on me.  I hope to do better this week!
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