Recipe Find - Pan Seared Cod Over Vegetable Ragout

The Cyclist and I are trying to add more fish to our diet.  I am not an experienced fish chef, but I do OK with cod.  (At some point I will share my fish taco recipe.) So, I went in search of a cod recipe that looked healthy and easy.  Key word being "easy".  I know better than to try and get crazy in the kitchen when the ultimate goal is to make dinner after work.  This behavior only results in late night meals that aren't that great.  "Easy" as defined by me = not a ton of ingredients, nothing I can't buy in a regular grocery and no cooking words that I do not understand.

Anyway, in looking for my healthy and easy cod recipe I went straight to Cooking Light.  This is one of my favorite places to find recipes, I have yet to be steered wrong.  My search found:


This recipe was really, really good, like seriously good.  The Cyclist did most of the prep work, which was super helpful.  I don't know what the deal is with prep-time on recipes (this one did not list any), but it always takes me way longer than it says.  Part of the issue are my crappy knife skills and continued attempts at not cutting my finger off, but...I swear, some of those recipe prep-times are just silly!

OK, moving on. 

So, with the Cyclist's help, we put this dish together (together!).  Here is our version:

and an up-close:

It was very, very good and not totally difficult to make.  More importantly, our 7 year old nephew (DD), who can be a bit of a Mr. Picky McPickerson devoured his entire plate and declared that I should make this for him every time he comes over.  The Munchkin slapped his plate up too, as did the Cyclist and I.  There was nothing left, anywhere.

I give this recipe 5 stars for being super good, easy (as defined by me) and healthy!  It also gets an honorable mention for being a fish and veggie dish that kids love. 

Coming soon: Pizza Night! And Ginger People Eats (I'm really excited about this one!) 
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