Lots of Food = Tri Time

After eating stuff like this: Wasabi Balls & Thai Hot Wings and this: Gorgonzola Tenderloin with Brandy Cream Sauce and this: The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Baked French Toast
(here is a picture of mine)

and this:
(this dish was made by The Cyclist, yum!)

and, of course, this:
...although our Graham Slam packaging wasn't all Phillies'd out.  Apparently Graham Slam has become the official flavor of the Phillies.  Excellent choice!

Anyway, after eating all this good stuff on our vacation/wedding/honeymoon, my pants are suddenly tight, so it's time to get down to business!  Which means I am now officially training for this:

So.  This week I rode my bike to work everyday - it's only 4 miles each way so this isn't a huge accomplishment training-wise, but it is a big accomplishment towards getting back in the rhythm of daily workouts.

On Monday I did ride 20 miles after work.  I should have risen early Tuesday to run, but I failed to do this. Wednesday I swam with a friend and managed to swim laps for about 40 minutes.  Considering I haven't been in the pool for about a year, I was happy with this.  I would like to get a run in this weekend.....a run and a ride would be beautiful, but we'll see, we have a race on calendar so time may be an issue.  (More about the race later!)  I will soon need to pick a real training schedule to follow, but for my first week out I am giving myself a score of pretty good!

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