Ginger People Drinks!

If you recall, our friend Mr. Bestie recently hooked me up with a whole bunch of Ginger People goodness.  Today I want to share the love on the Ginger People's Ginger Soother and Ginger enerGizer.

Let's get started, shall we?

This stuff is really good on a hot day!  It's been close to 100 in these parts this week and riding my bike home even a short distance gets me pretty overheated.  I broke into one of these the other day and it hit the spot!  This ginger drink as a bit of sweetness with lemon and honey.  It's not too sweet though and still has a nice ginger flavor.  The label also says "drink it hot/drink it cold".  I would not have thought to drink this hot, especially in 100 degree weather, but I'm glad it's suggested on the label.  This would be a really good hot drink and probably especially good if you weren't feeling well.
Ginger Soother gets a thumbs up from me.  :)

Next up:
Ginger enerGizer

The Ginger enerGizer is a little spicier than the Ginger Soother.  I actually liked this a little better, probably because I love the taste of ginger.  This drink has "a splash of apple" which is also tasty on a hot day!

What's really cool is the Ginger People have a whole bunch of drink recipes on their website that you can make with both Ginger Soother and Ginger enerGizer.  I'd like to try these out, but I'll need to get more, The Cyclist and I demolished all of our stash straight!  I thought these looked good:

If you try any out, please comment!

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  1. I can definately vouch for the Ginger Gizerita! I mix it with Patron or Cazadores (SP?). It's so much nicer than using one of those store bought mixers with high fructose corn syrup!

    And just a tid-bit of info... Ginger is a natural anti-inflamatory... so using ginger in cocktails is kinda like taking advil while you drink... Coupled with higher end tequila your hangovers are greatly reduced... although you may end up going home in a wheel barrow!

  2. I've tried the Ginger Energizer..very refreshing and a nice change to my normal, water and wine!!


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