Recipe Find - Cinnamon Baked French Toast

So from something healthier to something yummy, sweet, delish and probably guaranteed to make your belly and/or thighs grow.  Yippee!

Can you say yum? 
Here is her photo of this super delicious breakfast treat:

OMG butter.  Yum.

The Cyclist found this recipe some time ago and I originally made it for us when we were on our honeymoon....

Sigh.  I wouldn't mind being there now.

Anyway, we made this for a pre-hiking breakfast and it was super tasty!
Here is a picture of our honeymoon batch.....

Thankfully that day we were able to burn it off while exploring this beautiful place...

Ahh.  I ♥ feet photos.

I recently made this again for the Besties.
This is a good dish to do if you know you are going to have guests for breakfast.
Pluses are:
You make it a day ahead
It's easy
It tastes good (did I already mention this?)

Here is a pic of attempt #2...

Which pic is better? 
I think I must have used the food setting on pic number 2 in order to get that lighting....

Anyway, this is an easy dish that's good for a group and bound to get cheers from the tasters.
Also, you can cook it less time for a bread pudding type texture or more time for more of a bread-ish texture.
Either way, I recommend!

P.S.  I am finally reading the large camera manual, so I am expecting to learn and take better photos as time progresses.

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  1. This is RIDICULOUS! It's even good left over too! Trust me, I doubled up on it!


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