Everything in moderation...

I truly believe in this slogan.  (Is it a slogan?)  Whatever, it's true.  I don't think you can ever be successful in a healthy eating lifestyle if you don't divulge, at least sometimes, in sweets or other garbage food, like fried stuff.  At least this is true for me anyways. 

So, in this frame of mind, I will first share with you my Farmer's Market haul from the 10th...
(I was at Cyclebration last weekend so no Farmer's Market for me)

Like that fancy labeling?? 
  • Pluots - note how pluots come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.  My favorites are still the dinosaur egg looking ones.  Those little yellow-ish/red-ish ones are called Flavor Bursts.  They are goo-ood!  I know this is a lot of pluots, but I am eating about 2 a day at this point, so don't you worry about them going bad in my fridge.
  • Figs - I bought heirloom tomatoes from the same vendor the week prior and he had me try one of these figs.  I have never eaten a fig before and it was really good!  I went back to buy more, but the line was super long.  So, this time I made sure to buy some when I got my tomatoes.  I think they would be tasty on pizza, but I'm afraid next time I return to the market the fig season will have passed.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes - the best tomato variety.  Hands down.
  • Purple bell peppers - those look pretty nifty, huh?  I thought they were interesting, then another customer was telling me how they're really good and especially good on fajitas.  They also apparently turn that translucent green color all over when cooked.  I like them, they're a little sweeter than regular old green or red.
  • Ambrosia Melon - it was basically a cantaloupe.  Actually, I think it was a cantaloupe.  I just learned how to know if your melon is ripe (thank you Nana).  Smell the little belly button on the end, if it smells like the fruit, it's ready.  Also, Nana said she buys the watermelons that are the most sun-faded and beat up on the outside, because they are usually the juiciest (from getting the most sun).
  • Herbs!  I got these for 3 for $1.  Steal of a deal.  I roasted those red potatoes, then cut up the cilantro and chives and mixed them around with the potatoes when they were done.  It was good and fresh tasting.  I cut up the mint and put it on some sliced pineapple and ambrosia melon, also tasty.  Our friends Coco & Tankupeet cook with herbs a lot and/or add them to salad.  I am inspired!  I was with Coco when I bought these herb, she was getting some, so I was less afraid.  Plus you can't beat that price.
  • Red potatoes - they are red potatoes, see above.
  • Cucumbers - we've been putting these on sandwiches.  Or as The Cyclist says "lunch meat sandwiches".
  • Asian Pears - I ate one today.  Don't let the boring outside fool you, they are super juicy.
Let us return to Everything in Moderation.
I figure since I've been eating all this good stuff, it's probably OK that I also ate some of this:

Yes.  Those are cupcakes.

Is it true that if you cut them in half the calories fall out?
We have:
Boston Cream
Red Velvet
Coconut Macaroon
and something we were calling Pinkadot - the signature cupcake with pink frosting and chocolate cake
Banana Bread (?) (that one is in the box, not on the plate)
Oh yeah, and chocolate/chocolate (also in the box)

This is me doing quality control testing.
 I also seem to be deep in thought.

I actually ate 1/2 of 2 cupcakes = 1 cupcake.
That wouldn't have been so bad, except my birthday was Saturday....
So on Friday we had this at work...
From Ettore's
And then on Saturday I had not 1, not 2, but 3 cakes and cake balls.
I hear you laughing but I am not kidding.
Coco (the best & most creative dessert chef I know) made me a cake.
I'm not sure what it's called, but it tasted fruity and had sprinkles on top.
I think it had blueberries inside too.  It was good.  Thank you!
I would have photographed it, but the boys ate a bunch of it before I remembered to do so.
Then, The Cyclist got 2 cakes from Karen's for the BBQ and surprised me.
(Thank you Honey)
One of them was German Chocolate...
...and the other one was some type of yummy peach madness. 
The peach one was seasonal, so no picture there either.
(Sorry, I was eating cake!)
And, to top it off, Mrs. R made cake balls!
You can't pass a cake ball if it is put under your nose.
That's the rule.  I didn't make it up.

So, moderation went kind of haywire recently.
I'm hoping all that cake will be balanced out by all these fruits and veggies....

Or maybe this post should have been called,
"Everything in Moderation....and cake"

I need to go running now.

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