BBQ Sauce!

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend.  BTW - mine was a 4 day weekend.  I took the last two Friday's off which is why you didn't see blog posts from me....sorry.  I usually don't go on the computer often at home unless I'm editing or uploading photos.

So, as it was Labor Day weekend, we barbecued.  Did you?  We just pulled the chicken out of the freezer in the morning, so it wasn't marinated, so I thought to myself, BBQ Sauce!  (Yes, in my head I am saying BBQ "swuaas".)

We made our own BBQ swuaas once before for a pulled pork recipe, so I knew it was pretty easy.  I used Pioneer Woman's recipe for a guide, then modified it to make it my own.  I was going for something spicy/sweet.  Here is what I came up with...

The Suspects included:
White Onion
Ketchup (organic from TJ's)
Tomato Sauce (or Swuaas)
White Vinegar
Worcestershire Sauce (or Swuass...or "whatsthishere swuass" if you're my Mom)
Dry Chipotle Chile Pepper
Home-made Apricot Jam

I started by chopping the onions, mincing the garlic and sauteing...

I kept the burner at a low heat and added the ketchup and tomato swuaas...

...then I added in the brown sugar...

...and molasses...

...after adding it, I was a little worried that this was too much molasses. 
It turned my pretty red swuaas into black-ish swuaas...
but, thankfully, it turned out to be fine once we put it on the chicken.

I also added the Worcestershire Sauce which I don't have a photo of.
Hopefully you know whatthishere sauce is.

At this point I started adding the vinegar....

I started with 2 tablespoons, then added the others after adding more sweet stuff and continued tasting. 
I was avoiding having the swuaas be over-vinegar-y.
In the end I used 4 tablespoons of vinegar total.

I also started adding my chipotle chile pepper here and continued to add it after each sweet thing, while continuing to taste.  I wanted spicy but not super hot.  I ended up using 3 teaspoons total.

This is the stuff....

Next up....

....some honey!
Meanwhile, I've still got this on low and I'm simmering and stirring...

Then, the secret ingredient....

Nana's home-made apricot jam!
Nana is The Cyclist's Mom. 
She makes the best jam in the whole wide world.
Apricot is The Cyclist's favorite.

Once everything was all simmered together and the right combo of spicy/sweet, we put it on the chicken...

I was really pleased with the consistency and how it "stuck" to the chicken.
The color turned out good too (not black as I had thought when I added the molasses).

So, this was good and I'll for sure make it again.
Additionally, we made BBQ Chicken Pizza the following night and used the left-over swuass on the pizza - it turned out great too...if I don't say so myself.
The Cyclist & J both suggested more onions and more chipotle pepper.  I agree on the more onions! 

I posted the entire recipe to Tasty Kitchen

My recipe on Tasty Kitchen has already been modified for "more onions" than I used above.  I will make a note about the chipotle for 3-5 teaspoons "to taste".  We all like spicy, so if we make it again, I'll add more, but it might be too much spice for the masses.

Happy Barbecuing!

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  1. MMM, going to have to try this BBQ Sauce. I love the addition of apricot jam. Thanks for sharing your secret ingredient. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jen, I hope you like it!

  2. the bbq sauce looks delish and yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm the chicken makes me drool :-) We also had bbq during the Memorial Day Weekend, glad you had 4 days off so as my kids
    :-)Dropping by from Food Trip Friday

  3. wow, this looks really great...thanks for sharing! i hope i can try sometime soon. visiting late from FTF, hope to see you around. thanks and have a great week. :)


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