Cyclebration - Day 1

Cyclebration started with a time trial.  I did not photograph the time trial because it was well....a time trial.

For those of you who aren't familiar with a time trial, it is essentially a race against the clock.  Cyclebration is an omnium.  (Strangely, I couldn't find the exact definition of omnium that I was looking for - that link is to Wikipedia which describes omnium as a track cycling event....this is as close as I could get.  Apparently omnium also has something to do with the stock exchange, which you won't hear me talking about.)

Anyway, an omnium is a multiple race event in which you gain points for your placement in the GC (general classification).  The time trial determines your starting GC rank for the event.  If you have not seen a time trial, here is what it looks like:

OK, OK.  I know it's a cartoon.
But seriously, here is a real time trial photo...
Photo: Bike Rumor

So.  Not that much different right?

Needless to say, you probably didn't missing much if you skipped watching the Cyclebration time trial.  Just sayin'.  Unless you really want to pay attention to the rankings, which I don't.
In fact, I was minding the Munchkin during the ole' tt.  Then I went and got my hair did.  Afterward, Coco & I went shopping - regular and thrift.  I'll share the sweet thrift store goods I scored in a separate post.

We were a little late to the Crit.
We found a nice spot on the grass and I took some photos...

(can't miss this start/finish)

....and watched some bikes go by.

...catch any flies Mr. R?

Like I said, we arrived late, so it wasn't too long before the race finished up.  Here is the race for 2nd place...
Sorry...I missed our first place rider, who is also a friend of the blog.
He flew by as I said "...wait, is that guy....oh!  Oops."

Overall, not a bad day at the races.
Unfortunately, I probably should have been paying more attention to the actual race, but at the end of race season, it gets difficult.

We headed to the Team BBQ later that night where I proceeded to eat too much cake.

All of my terrible pictures are on Flickr....for some reason I decided taking pics in only sport continuous mode would be a brilliant idea.  Not.  Seriously, not only were the pictures grainy and blurry, I took like six gazillion of them and it took 400 years to edit (note lateness of this post).
I'll blog post them or you can click the feed at the top of the blog.

Not to worry, Cyclebration Day 2 photos are much better!  And I have video...assuming I can get it uploaded.
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