Giro de SF - Hipstamatic


Giro de SF - Hipstamatic, a set on Flickr.

I feel like it's 2005 and I'm excited to tell you that I just bought a cell phone.

That said, I accept the fact that I am always behind the times when it comes to electronic devices and all the things they can now do. I am very old ladyish when it comes to this stuff. In fact, my phone is still just that - a phone and only a phone....imagine that!

But, we did by an IPod Touch for the wedding music and I recently realized, "hey, I can put Hipstamatic on there for the blog!" Yipee! I did it yesterday before we left and tinkered a bit. Nothing special, but I'm excited to mess with this nifty stuff more in the future.

Real photos and full race post soon, I'm still editing as we speak.

Happy Hipstamatic to you.

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