Old Lady and the Computer

Until today you have known me as Wife.  But from now on (and probably for awhile) you can just think of me as Old Lady and the Computer.  In your minds eye, you should be envisioning something like this:

That's me and my iPad.
And I do have that look on my face.

If you think I'm kidding let me recount my conversation with The Cyclist last night:

Wife: Wait.  Why is it doing that?  This isn't like my Blogger on the computer.  I don't get it.
Cyclist:  I don't know anything about blogging.  You're just going to have to figure it out.
Time passes.
Wife: I'm sorry.  Please understand I'm like an old lady when it comes to this stuff.  I have never used an app until today.  My phone is just a phone.  It's from 1982.
Cyclist: It's OK, just keep working at it.
Wife: Oh I see.  An app is like a shortcut!  It's not supposed to be exactly the same as it is on a computer!

And the world of apps has opened to me...

Remember, it was me who was excited about putting hipstamatic on the iTouch just two weeks ago.  Just sayin'.

So, I am determined to master the iPad and use it to its full ability in the blogosphere.  In the meantime if you see any half-finished or weird looking posts that pop up here, then disappear, please ignore (and envision the lady above).  I'm still learning.

Additionally, I had a super-duper weekend and have lots of good stuff to post up this week including, Cyclebration day one and two, thrift store madness and more.

Until then, I will be researching apps like Blogpress and Flickstackr.  If any of you nerdy computer people know of an app that I can use to easily get my Flickr pics onto the iPad, please share.

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