Bike Fashion with Iva Jean

Iva Jean is a bike fashion company owned by a friend of a friend of mine, Ann D., in Seattle. 

(Hi Ann!)

Iva Jean's concept is bike fashion.  Regular clothes we can wear while riding that are functional for the bike.  I have to say, I love the idea.  Often when I'm riding my bike to work, I'd prefer not to put "bike clothes", put my work clothes in a pack, change, then repeat at day end.

Ann has created this really cool rain cape...

...which is both stylish and functional.  Click the "rain cape" link above for more photos & info.

Although it's hard for me to think about needing a rain cape now (since it's supposed to be 100 degrees today in ol' Sac-Town), I could definitely see it being handy come winter.

I had to chuckle when I read this sentence on the about section of the site:

"I was intimidated my first month or so on the bike; I got destroyed by spandex covered men and women with rear view mirrors attached to the aerodynamic helmets."

Those spandex covered men & women are probably making up a high percentage of my readership (that means you!).  Being the Wife of a Cyclist, I probably have a better understanding on what all the spandex covered peeps are up to - training ride, perhaps?  Intervals, maybe?  I just hope none of you are wearing rear-view mirrors attached to those aerodynamic helmets.  Seriously.  And if you do have a rear view mirror on your helmet, I hope you take it off.

Being a woman and a "sort-of" cyclist, I totally get where Ann is coming from.  Getting out on the bike can be intimidating, whether you are riding to train or just for fun.  I certainly have moments where I feel like a giant poser, but whatever, I'm going to hold confidence in being one of those kids whose doing her own thing.

What I like most about the concept of Iva Jean is that it is not just about fashion.  Ann says:

I founded Iva Jean with the hope that we would provide the products and resources that encourage women to incorporate biking into their everyday lives. I want women to visit this site and feel inspired. I want them to get on a bike and ride with the style and personality they bring to every other aspect of their lives.

I think anything that encourages cycling within our culture is a positive thing.  Thumbs up Iva Jean (and you too Ann)!

So, good cycling community, even though fashion may not be your thing, cycling obviously is.  Iva Jean is currently a finalist in Daily Candy's Start Small Go Big Contest.  I encourage cyclist's and regular people alike to vote for Iva Jean and help support a company that promotes a cycling culture.

I had a bit of trouble voting so here is my advice -
  • click the link above for the contest
  • once you get there, click the round, bright pink, "vote now" button
  • click on Iva Jean (top right)
  • scroll down and enter your e-mail address
  • then click the rectangle, pink, "vote now" button
  • it should say you were successful and give an option to promote via FB, Twitter, etc.
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