The Munchkin ate my Sac GP

So there was a big ole' race last weekend - Sac Grand Prix.  I was there, as was The Cyclist and The Munchkin.  Since The Cyclist was well... racing...I was manning The Munchkin...meaning I didn't really watch the race.  At all.  Much.

I've mentioned The Munchkin here before.  In case you're wondering, he is The Cyclist's tot.  Now that we have tied the knot I can officially call him my step-child.  Being a step-child myself I can say "step" is such a lame word....kind of like fiancé.  I wish they (whoever they are) could have come up with something cooler, like.....well....I can't think of anything actually.  So nevermind.

Meet The Munchkin....

What?  Oh!  You can't see his face?
Yeah, I'm not going to put full pics of him here.
He is the cutest boy ever though.  Just in case you were wondering.
OK, back to the race!!
The Cyclist got there early and grabbed these pics of the Men's 3/4 race...

The Cyclist has a steady hand!  Not too much blur action happening in his photos.
Other race photos from some of our favorite photogs can be found on the following links...

(Mr. J - great pics as always!)
Jim E. - Rio Strada Racing

Jim E. got this ↓ great photo of the crash in the Men's P/1/2 race...

I'm not really sure how The Cyclist managed to avoid this one, especially since it was right in front of him.
(See the yellow shoes?)
He says he has "skillz".
I can vouch for his cookie makin' "skillz" only.
There are more photos & video on the NCNCA Racing Blog

This is what I saw most of the day...

...and to be honest.  I'll take this over a race any day of the week.
I still ♥ watching you too Cyclist.

Last race of the season coming up....Folsom Cyclebration

But don't worry, there will be plenty of other bike happenings through winter - Savage Sprints anyone?
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  1. Apparently those yellow shoes are great for bunny hopping over down cyclist.

  2. Hmm...I like that idea. The yellow shoes have super-powers!


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