Town Center Crit 4/22/12

Well, we had another day at the races last weekend!  I'm excited to get back to some race posting, actually.  The Cyclist did some early season races but between weather, some of them being road races (which I typically don't spectate) and The Munchkin, I hadn't been able to pull together a real race post until Tax Day Match Sprints at the velodrome.

So here I am back with a race post.  I bring you the Town Center Criterium hosted by Folsom Bike.  Let me just start by explaining the weather for those of you who aren't in or around Sactown.  We went from about 50° and dumping rain to a smoldering 90° last weekend.  Typically us Sactown folk can handle 90° heat without blinking (it can get over 100° here in the summer), but a 40° jump will wallop anyone, for sure.  So, long story short, it was freaking hot...and slightly humid, which we are not used to.  Just to establish the heat factor a little more, I ran with CoCo in the morning and drank 7 (yes SEVEN) of my small runner's water bottles.  Seven.

You get it, it was hot.

So here is my perspective of the race for your reading pleasure....

So, once I saw that we had a guy in the break, the field was being controlled very well by the other team members and my Cyclist had dropped due to overheating, I went and sat in our grassy little spot in the shade and made faces at the babies.

And then I came back for the finish....
....just in time to watch Tankyoupete take the win.  Go FB!

Meanwhile, my Mom got a fancy new camera and she did a great job getting these shots...

Great work Peter!

For more photos check out these links:

For real race posts check out these links...they don't have Town Center Crit posts up (yet?), but they will give you true race commentary, which I don't do (I am just a spectator, after all).

Last but not least, a big thank you to Chuck Hutch for hooking us up with the Bistro 33 gift card.  We had a nice dinner with the fam.  That was super generous of you, thank you very much!

See you next weekend at Wente!


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