Kitchen gadgets I can't live without

Do you have any favorite kitchen gadgets?  Since The Cyclist and I are recently married, we just got a bunch of quality kitchen goodies that drastically upgraded our old stuff.

Here are a few things I cannot live without....

Yes, I know a wooden spoon is pretty basic, but have you ever been in a kitchen without one?  There is nothing as handy as a sturdy woden spoon, and that's a fact.

Ahh Good Knives.  In a previous life, I would have sworn to you that my old knives were just fine.  Boy was I wrong.  Good knives in the kitchen make a world of difference.  If you are on a limited budget, I suggest spending some money on these three types of knives.  You will thank yourself later.

My mom bought me this nifty lemon squeezer recently.  I have to say, this thing is awesome.  I ♥ it very much.  Thanks mom!

And, in saving the best for last - the Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I swear this thing is worth its weight in gold.  It saves so much time in prep and clean-up and because it is more powerful than using a hand mixer, stuff turns out better too.  I use mine at least once a week, usually more.

Interested in other kitchen gadgets?  Check out the link party.

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  1. Sarah...I LOVE your new look here. Really! Beautiful and clean!! I need to change my blog here soon, or buy more space (I need to add more pages, but can't). Did you do this or did you have help? We need to chat lady.

    Really love it!!


  2. Thanks Amber! I'll hit you back on e-mail!

  3. I agree about the Kitchen Aid. They are beautiful, as far as kitchen appliances go, and I wish I could have three colors at least. The other two kitchen things that have been surprisingly life changing for me are a garlic press and a pizza stone.

  4. Other Wife :) - I can't live without my garlic press either!


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