I made a shirt! + Florence and the Machine

Hi.  My name is The Cyclist's Wife and I can't sew a thing.  Not even a button.  For realz.  Pretty sad huh?  Sewing is one of those things I want to check off my bucket list.  But for now I use hemming tape, staple guns and/or other people to assist me in my sewing adventures.

Since I can't sew, the thought of DIY-ing any clothing items is pretty much out of my scope.  But, I got handy last week and took on one of my March Favorite projects.

Photo via Delighted Momma
That's right, I busted out a Tie-dye!  Instructions and ingredients can be found at Delighted Momma.

This was really easy (even for me) and it turned out so cute.  I love the color and I might make a solid one too.  The best part is the dye is natural - just turmeric.  The tank turned out to be perfect for The Cyclist & my date night to see Florence + the Machine!

Florence was fabulous by the way.  I would totally see her again given the opportunity.  I believe she is performing on The Voice tonight too!  (At least, that's what I thought I heard as I was dozing off last night trying to catch the end).

Even though our seats at the Mondavi Center were nosebleeders...

....we were both totally impressed with the venue (amazing!) and sound quality (excellent!).

It's so funny, I know I'm old because I can actually remember being searched at a concert for a camera.  Now you can take all the pictures and video you want.  And let me just say, Florence sounded amazing, even on my iPhone video.

If you have the chance, go see her.  You won't regret it!

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