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Curried Quinoa Wraps with Avocado Citrus Slaw

The Scoop - I've been looking for a tasty lunch treat that is protein packed but meatless.  Not an easy feat.  If you are not familiar with quinoa, you can learn more about it here.  Long story short:  it is pronounced Keen-Waa; it is a protein packed grain that is cooked like rice and can be used in a variety of ways.
The Verdict - These were really tasty and filling. I made them on a Sunday to use in our lunches for the week.  
The Fix - Not really a "fix", but, if I made these again I'd cut the recipe in half.  The Cyclist and I were eating these daily for nearly a week (he got two in his lunch) and we still didn't finish it all.  I was getting a little curried out by Friday.
Mentionables -

  • For the Curried Quinoa:  IDK what "Muchi Curry" is, I used plain old Spice Islands Curry Powder and it worked just fine.  I used all orange juice, as in I picked oranges off of our tree and juiced them.  
  • For the "fold into cooked quinoa":  I left out the cashews because someone ate them we were out and threw in a handful of sliced almonds instead.  I thought it seemed like a lot of tahini, but the flavors came together nicely.  I did not have a tangerine, so I used a chopped up blood orange instead.  The mint added a nice flavor and I wouldn't leave it out even though it's listed as optional.  I didn't use nutritional yeast because I don't know what it is didn't have any.
  • For the Avo-Citrus Tahini Slaw:  I forgot to buy an avocado. Duh.  I used an English cucumber and extra carrots and lettuce.  I also didn't have liquid smoke, so I left that out.  An avocado probably would have been better, but this worked just fine too.
Last but not least:  If you have a giant dog that looks like this...

...don't leave your whole wheat tortilla wraps on the counter to thaw while you take a shower.
Someone might invite themselves to have a snack.

Happy lunching!

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  1. Is that dog laughing! That is such a funny picture!

    Great recipe!

  2. I think the flash blinded him! Poor Otie. :)


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