#marchphotoaday wrap up

I am still loving the #photoaday projects from fat mum slim.  I've found some of my best photos are those done on the fly, without tons of over-thinking put into them.  Additionally, is it wrong that I'm loving my Instagram photos better than those I take with my camera?  Just wondering.

My #marchphotoaday pics are below (I only missed 2, yay!), but first I want to share my #photoadayApril start, which I'll be sharing on Facebook, Pinterest and the Photo A Day April Group on Flickr.


The list...
*From fat mum slim
1.  my reflection

2.  colour


The list...
*From fat mum slim

1. up

2. fruit

3. your neighborhood
(Unfortunately, this isn't really my neighborhood, it's the neighborhood I was in that day!)

4.  bedside

5. a smile

6.  5pm
(...passed me by)

7.  something you wore

8. window
(this was total luck, one of my favorite pictures)

9.  red

10.  loud
(I didn't do this one)

11.  someone you talked to today

12.  fork

13.  a sign
(that I've been busy)

14.  clouds

15.  car

16.  sunglasses
(The Cyclist's Rainbow Brite team glasses) 

17.  green

18.  a corner of your home

19.  funny
(fetch is funny at our house) 

20.  before/after

21.  delicious
(let me tell you, some fried eggs taste mighty good after a track workout!) 

22.  kitchen sink 

23.  moon
(I didn't do this one)

24.  an animal 

25.  breakfast
(+ an 8 mile run) 

26.  key 

27.  your name 

28.  trash 

29.  feet 

30.  toy

31.  where you relax 

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  1. LOVE all the little snapshots of your life :)!

  2. oh gosh, i was so good at doing this challenge at the beginning and then i just fell off the face of the earth! i love how you took the picture for "someone you talked to today". so romantic ;)
    xo TJ

  3. Thanks TJ! You should get back on the bandwagon! It's fun. :)


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