March Favorites

Speculoos Sandwich Cookies  Dishing Up Delights - Speculoos Spread Chocolate Chip Cookies - Um.  Yum.  You know I love the cookie butter.  Let's make some cookie butter cookies now.  I checked the other day and Trader Joe's is still selling it.

 Design Sponge - DIY Project - Knotted Lamp Cord - And, in my continued efforts to hide cords, this is a cool idea.  It's described as "easy", although once I saw tools and definitions of knots I got scared.  I would definitely need The Cyclist's handy tool abilities along with his Eagle Scout knot tying knowledge.  Plus I will have to convince him to do a crafty project with me.

 Steamy Kitchen via Chez Beeper Bebe - How to Make a Mason Jar Lantern - And, in my continued love of Mason Jars, another crafty thing to do with them.  This is really cute.

DSC_0883 Iowa Girl Eats - Friday Favorites - Freezing Tomato Paste - This is a totally ingenious idea.  I hate when I use only a little bit and then it turns moldy in my fridge.

pet bowl stand diy Centsational Girl - DIY Pet Bowl Stand - Oh look, another project for The Cyclist.  I think our pet bowl will need a drool catcher around the rim though.  Otis likes to slobber.  He's awfully cute though.
Hi, I'm Otis.  I drool.

Delighted Momma - How to Tie-Die a Shirt Naturally Using Turmeric - I totally want to try this!  I have a million wife-beaters at home, I may as well make one pretty.

jen kitchen dining Centsational Girl (guest post by Migonis Home) - Living Large in a Smaller Home - Not only is the design and decorating beautiful (not to mention the great ideas for using space that's already there), but mostly I love the principal of this post - work with what you've got.

  Design Sponge - DIY Project - Sculptural Paper Orb - And, in my continued love of paper lanterns.  This one is so cool though!  And I think I could actually do it without The Cyclist's help!

 Design Sponge - Before & After: Salvaged Backyard Renovation - Keeping with the spirit of work with what you've got, I'm loving this backyard renovation.  Especially considering we are in desperate need of a new back fence; I am convinced we can make it interesting and creative for cheap without spending a lot.  Plus, I'm super interested in up-cycling right now.  If only I could get a project started.......  

 Iowa Girl Eats - DIY Frozen Breakfast Burritos - Another ingenious idea that I didn't think of.

 Two Peas & Their Pod - Salted Caramel Easter Popcorn - Will someone make this for me at Easter?  Pleeeeeze?

Have a great day!

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  1. I LOVE that idea of dying the shirt with turmeric!! I have a giant bag of it, so maybe I should try this!

  2. Isn't that a cool idea Alison? I'm going to try it too!


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