The Home & Garden Show

A couple of months ago my Mom got some free tickets to the Home & Garden show so we decided to peep it out.  We had a couple of extra free tickets that we tried to give away before entering, but quickly figured out that everyone had "free" tickets.  Apparently they lured the visitors with free tickets so we didn't feel so bad about paying $10 to park.  Suckers we are.

Anyway, who cares.  Pretty much everything I do with my Mom is fun (like driving a PT Cruiser in schwanky town Laguna Niguel, but that's a story for another time) pretty much because she's awesome and also because we're both nerds (and proud of it).

On this day we had run about 8 or 10 miles and our legs were tired.  So we immediately found the EZ Hang Chair booth and took a seat.

Those guys are super comfy and provide an excellent view for people watching.  I could have taken a nap for sure.
It's funny, I had forgotten how much the Home & Garden Show is really a giant sales conference complete with sham-wow style booths and fair food.

Has anyone ever eaten these things?  I have to admit, they totally freak me out.  I'm sure they're good, but there's something about seeing people walk around like cave-men gnawing on an enormous drumstick that makes me not want to eat one.  We didn't.

Here are some nifty garden boxes.  Are you reading this Cyclist?  I hope we find some time in the race schedule to build at least one of these this year.

The "outside" displays were my favorite.  Someday I will get our back patio and back-yard transformed into another outdoor living area.  

Of course, you know I didn't miss the yard art.

Have you ever seen one of these rock walls?  I think they are so cool and such a good re-purpose idea.

Orchid booth.  Nana can grow these like nobodies business.

This fireplace was funky.  It could be kind of cool in the right spot.

So, that is all.  Even though the Home & Garden Show was more of a sales spectacle than we imagined, we still had fun.  Mostly because we were together.

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  1. oh gosh, those chairs look heavenly! and people watching is the best!!!
    xo TJ

  2. Mrs. Taylor, those chairs ARE heavenly!


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