Cal Aggie Crit, Land Park, Sacramento 1/28/12

First race of the season was on Saturday!  It seems like last season just ended....even for me, the onlysometimesriding Wife of The Cyclist. I swear the cycling "off" season keeps getting shorter every year.  Don't you cyclist's like to take a bit more of a break?  Ha!  Who am I kidding?!

That said, it was nice to be back at a park on a Saturday with all of our friends, hanging out and watching the race. The fabulous weather we've been having was a plus too, even though nearly 65 degrees in January is a little scary.....I have a feeling this summer is going to be ridiculously hot.

I brought my camera to the race and was prepared to take lots of photos and share them up. But, being the meticulous and responsible blogger that i am, I left my camera in the car and didn't bother to go back and get it. I was having too much fun with this guy.....

(that is The Munchkin in disguise in case you were wondering).  We had a pretend picnic!  Imagined cheeseburgers and fries really do taste good when The Munchkin is your lunch date.

Instead I bring you this awesome video of the P-1-2-3 race that Data Driven Athlete (sorry, I don't know his real name) posted up to You-Tube....

I hope everyone had a great weekend! January favorites will be up tomorrow!


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  1. That is the cutest picture EVER! How adorably funny!

  2. VERY cool video!! At that one point that he got sooo close to the curb I was a little scared! Man do they go fast & your cyclist was right up there the whole time. Awesome.

    1. Yes, it's scary to watch how close together they ride and how close they get to the edge!


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