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When I discovered The Pioneer Woman (actually, The Cyclist discovered her and asked me to make these and then we both fell in love with her), I also discovered Tasty Kitchen and quickly became a member.

Anyone who has ever Googled any recipe knows that you will likely get 10 gazillion hits back.  Tasty Kitchen is a fun and easy site with great recipes from regular people.  The site is easy to navigate and is set up so that you can easy collect recipes and share your own creations with other people.

Below are links to some of my Tasty Kitchen favorites.  All photos are from Tasty Kitchen except where otherwise indicated.

I made this for The Cyclist's birthday and it was ridiculously good.  For real.  The frosting is no joke and the recipe makes a ton of it.  If you are trying a New Year's diet right now, I'm sorry.  Don't even look at the picture.  Just scroll down.

I made this bread as an addition to Christmas baskets that we put together for our friends.  Take a peep at our finished product:

Yes.  That is a Trader Joe's bag that I cut with crazy scissors and used to wrap the bread & tie with twine.

This bread is easy and delicious.  I am new to bread making and I was happy to find this recipe; I plan to use the basic instructions to craft up some tasty wheat/seed bread for a later post.  I think the best thing about this particular bread was the sea salt addition to the crust.  It made great sandwich bread and "dinner" bread.

I wanted to cook with Soba Noodles and that is when I first came across this recipe.  The bases for the sauce and marinade have become staples in our house, which I have slightly tweaked to come up with different dishes (coming soon: Lemon Ginger Shrimp Pasta).  This recipe is easy and delicious and looks professional at the finish.  The Munchkin loves it too.

The Cyclist had a nasty day at the dentist last week so I declared I would come home and make him soup to help him feel better.  I had a bag of lentil's at home and lentil soup was on my mind.  I picked this recipe because it most closely matched what I knew I had in my cupboard (I love Trader Joe's, but a trip there just after 5:00 is a true test of patience).  I used the base recipe and added a whole bunch of other stuff (see my review).  What really makes this recipe tasty and delicious is the ginger and lemon in the base.  It gives it a nice zing and makes the base super flavorful.  The recipe as it is is also vegetarian (possibly vegan?).  This will become a staple too, especially since I'm ♥'ing soup right now.

Tasty Kitchen - Favorite Recipes from Real Kitchens Everywhere!
Those are only a few Tasty items from Tasty Kitchen.  It really is a great site and easy to use.  I often go there not to find a specific recipe, but to help develop recipe ideas I have in my head.  It's fun to see what creative things other people are doing with food.  I have also had the pleasure of being helped by the Tasty Kitchen staff when I have had problems submitting recipes.  I seriously could not believe how quickly they got back to me.  They were very helpful too. 

You can see my Tasty Kitchen recipe box here.

Additionally, other than being a site member, I am not affiliated with Tasty Kitchen and nobody is paying me or giving me anything free to say this stuff.  I just like it and I like to share stuff I like.  So there.

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  1. all of this food looks absolutely incredible! and i love that you used a trader joe's bag as wrapping paper. perfect!
    xo TJ

  2. Thanks TJ! I hope you try one of the tasty recipes!

  3. Such pretty food pictures!! I wish I could take good pictures but they often look like a child took them.

    1. These are not all mine, but you are right they are pretty! Practice makes a big difference! If you go back to the beginning of this blog you can see the improvement in photos over time. It is my biggest challenge. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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