Savage Sprints at Hot Italian 1/22/12

We have missed the last few Savage Sprints for reasons including this:

But we were happy to return last night!!

And in attendance was last season's Savage Sprints Champion,

...who you can pretty much bet on seeing at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Very cool to have Kevin participating in Savage Sprints;  
it always makes for an exciting and record-setting evening.

As well as drawing a large crowd...

...and a band of ninja warriors riding Ducati Motorcycles...

Haha.  Just making sure you were still reading.

Now.  I must disclaim that I had trouble paying attention to every single bit of Savage Sprints when this was going on...

However.  I did mention it was a record setting evening, right?
And, although Mr. Mansker's presence definitely ups the ante,
I think the real credit for last night's speedy showing on the boards is due to this very generous man...

Mr. Bill Nicely.
Bill (on his birthday) donated $100 to Sac Valley Velodrome Association for every time under 8 seconds.

So, between Mr. Mansker,
and of course pizza,
or should I say,
Seasonal Pear with honey, Gorgonzola and pancetta pizza
(um.  yum!),
and beer (!),
(because it's illegal to have pizza without beer, fact.  And why would you when Racer 5 is on tap?)
Let's just say,
my head was on a swivel.

There was a lot of action including
not 1
not 2
not even 5
times under 8 seconds.

That's what I said Bill.
Now, including those eleven showings, there were also new men's & women's records set for the evening.

Below you can check out video of the men's semi-finals...

Oliver v. Allen

women's semi-finals...

Women's Finals...

Missy v. Autumn

(Dang ladies, there is your new time to beat!)

And the showdown,
Men's Finals
Oliver v. Mansker

Dang.  7.3?!

Dear Cyclist,
I know you don't like getting 2nd place.  But, I say losing to a track champion/future Olympian at least 10 years your junior is not too shabby.  Good job!

Below are more photos of another great night at Savage Sprints!
Thank you again to Mr. Bill Nicely for your generous donation to the cause!

Last but not least, look for a Sacramento Bee article on February 5th!

Oh, and if you've scrolled this far down, the Niners blew it.
Just in case you were wondering.

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  1. Steve Rex matched Nicely's challenge and David S. Mann, the promoter of the Marymoor Grand Prix, came down from Seattle and donated $1000. It was a good night for sure!!!

  2. Wow! That's great Dino, thanks for sharing!!


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