April Favorites

 Design Sponge - Ombre Tights - I ♥heart♥ these so much!  I already suffer from lots of tights with not enough skirts to wear them with.  I may as well add to the collection!

 Simply Scratch - Greek Chicken Pita (open face style) With Cucumber & Dill Yogurt Dressing - Dear Mr. Pita, I want to eat you RIGHT NOW.

Delighted Momma - Skincare Tip of the Week - DIY eye cream - In the comments section of her blog I wrote "Me and my crow's feet officially love you" and I meant it.  What's even better is you can link over to Delighted Momma, then link directly to these two products where you can buy them for a whopping total of about $15.  Nice!

 Cycle Jerk - DIY Xtracycle Child Seat - Not sharing this just wouldn't be natural.

 Design Sponge - Best of DIY Floral Projects - A bunch of Neat-O things to do with flowers.  Happy Spring!

garage renovation transformation (5) garage renovation transformation (14) Enpundit (via Iowa Girl Eats) - Garage Transformation - This transformation is all kinds of awesome.

 A Cup of Jo - Gender Reveal Party - I'd never heard of this before and I kind of think it's a neat idea....what say you?

 A Cup of Jo - Raddest Bike Basket Ever - Agreed.

Peanut Butter & Honey Ice Cream
Ice cream without a maker
2 ingredient ice cream

All of the home-made ice cream I've been seeing that doesn't require an ice cream maker - This is dangerous.

 Better After - Living (room) in the past - All of the block stripes, I'm loving these.

Etsy Blog - Bicycle Tube Pouch - Nice DIY!  Lots of cool bike stuff this month.

Ladles and Jellyspoons - Baking Bialys - Admittedly this sandwich recipe is a lot of action.  But it looks so good it may be worth it.  Plus if you love mortadella like me, it is absolutely worth it!

The Painted Hive - Sconce Light Makeover....Industrial Cage Style - OK, this is a March post but I found it in April so I'm including it here.  This is so clever and creative it is just ridiculous.  Really.

 The Tasty Alternative - More Green Kitchen Tips - Someday I will be like Amber.  I am envious of her ultra green kitchen!  She shares more great tips here which I will be incorporating.  Later I'll share with you how this post inspired me to make one more big green kitchen step - we are now paper towel free.  Hooray!

wood shim window box planter after Centsational Girl - Wood Shim Windowbox Planter - Cute and nifty.  And we were just talking about buying one so.....another project!

Hope you enjoyed this month's favorites!


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  1. Hi Sarah,

    What a great round-up! And I'm honored to be included on your list.

    I'm just so tickled that you are now sans paper towels! Great job! That was a super hard one for me. But it has been years, and I don't miss them a bit.


  2. Thanks Amber! So far so good on the no paper towels. I'm going to do a post about it soon!!

  3. okay, that green chicken pita looks oh too delicious!!!
    loving all your picks!
    xo TJ

  4. Mrs. Taylor - I think so too! We are having it for dinner tonight!! I will report back. :)


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