Pinspiration?? Not so much: Most Certainly Not Wheat Thins

Well, I had my first Pinfailure.  Kind of a bummer actually.

I was pinning around one day and came across a pin for homemade Wheat Thins.  Wheat Thins are definitely the cracker of choice in our house (they are like crack!...ers).  Considering between the two and a half of us we can just about consume a whole box in a day, I figured at four bucks a box making them from scratch could come in handy.

I was excited about this I am about most recipes and food in general.  Plus it looked easy - can't beat that.  But it did seem a little too easy.....and could there really only be those 6 ingredients in Wheat Thins?....and that picture....they look exactly like real Wheat Thins.....hmmmm.

But I made them anyway.  And as the process moved forward the more skeptical I became.  And when they were done they looked like this.....

......and tasted pretty much how they looked.  Like crunchy whole wheat pie crust with salt.  Not...bad?  Not great for sure, but most certainly not like a Wheat Thin.

I reviewed the steps and I'm positive I followed the recipe exactly as stated, the only difference being I used fine whole wheat flour as opposed to regular whole wheat flour.  I don't think this would have made such a huge difference.

Still doubting my abilities, I posted a friendly comment to the originating blog:

Hi There,

I made these and they turned out nothing like regular wheat thins.  They didn't look like wheat thins either.  Is the picture included here the actual result?  The only difference was I used fine whole wheat flour as opposed to regular whole wheat flour, but I don't think this would really change anything too much.  Any suggestions?

I went back to see if there was a reply and noted my comment was never posted.  Actually, there are zero comments posted.  So, I tried to post it again and over a week later my comment is still not posted.

Anyway, I becoming suspicious this is a bogus recipe with a picture of real Wheat Thins out of a box, but you should decide for yourself.

So in conclusion, I summarize as normally done in my Pinspiration! series:

The Scoop - A homemade Wheat Thins recipe, sweet!
The Verdict - Waah-Waaaaah (insert game show sound effect here).
The Fix - Buy a box of real Wheat Thins.  They are least expensive in bulk at your friendly neighborhood Costco.
Mentionables - See above.

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