A Random List of Things

  1. One of my new favorite things to do is read the list of searches completed to reach my blog.  My favorite so far is "wife hates cycling".
  2. I got an e-mail from Google deals this morning for an offer at baconry.com. I'm afraid the Google search engine is getting to know me too well.
  3. I have done a terrible job at participating in May is Bike month.  I have 10 days to change this for the better.
  4. How come it seems like sometimes when you have a really really good day it's followed by a really crappy one?  Bummer.
  5. I literally can't wait to go running today.  This is probably the only time you will see this in writing.
  6. My new favorite word is "blerg".  It is replacing "urgh" in my vocabulary.
  7. I visited my friend and her new baby yesterday.  Baby O is perfect and it is such a wonderful and beautiful thing to see a good friend as a new mom.  Good job E!
  8. I will have a new travel post coming up in the near future but I'm keeping the destination a secret!
  9. I watched last week's Grey's....and well blerg!  I think I'm over that show.  I thought it was super lame overall.  I know I'm probably alone here, and that's OK.
  10. Sometimes, I just don't understand.  

This, though, I do understand.

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