Restaurant Find - The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, Sacramento, CA

We went to Red Rabbit last night for our 2nd Yelp Elite Event.  Our first event was at Monsoon Cuisine of India.  I will again preface by saying this event was free to us, although this time we did order (and pay for) two items from the menu.

We had the idea it would be good to arrive early; it's a good thing we did because that line got long really fast.  We scored a two-top at the front of the restaurant where we were quickly given a menu by a friendly staff person.  We were immediately impressed that basically everything on the menu was prepared with local ingredients.  Nice job on that RR!

Did I mention it was a Masquerade Party?

The staff was having a difficult time getting the food around (inside at least, we were not outside), but it was not for lack of trying.  The servers were getting swarmed as soon as they exited the kitchen.

Initially we thought we would wait for some appetizers to come around before ordering off of the menu, but it became clear the free food might not make it over to our section.

We started with the Lamb Bocadillas (off of the menu #1), which were tasty lamb sliders with a mint chimmi churri and my all-time favorite cheese, manchengo.  There were two sliders on the plate with a side of fries.  The sliders were delish!  The spiciness of the lamb mixed with the mint and the saltiness of the cheese was a great combo.

Around this time the deviled eggs came around.  I thought they were good; not on the menu so I'm assuming this was special for us.  We also tried the free punch.  The first batch we got must have been bottom of the barrel because it was STRONG.  The next batch seemed more fresh and had a nice flavor and some carbonation.  Other free appetizers we tried: salmon croquetts - essentially salmon mixed with some sort of cheese and deep fried (good but not outstanding); turkey meatball wrapped in bacon with some sort of white cheese sauce (good but my least favorite of the three types of meatballs); meatball with red sauce (really tasty meatball); lamb meatball with mint chimmi churri (essentially the same as our sliders) and mini chicken taco (good, basic chicken taco).

We also ordered the Lemon Grass Beef Stir Fry (off the menu #2).  This dish was really tasty and filled with a lot of nice vegetables.  Actually, there were a ton of vegetables and very little rice which I enjoyed.

A note on the dishes we ordered - my first thought (about both plates) was that they were kind of small.  In retrospect I realize that they were regular sized portions and not the whopping giant dish of food some restaurants give you.  Based on the farm to table menu at RR I think they are sacrificing quantity for quality which I greatly appreciate.

The bar menu is also very interesting and different and all of the beers are local.  Cheers to that.

Overall I thought this was a good event, although I'm glad we arrived a bit early and scored a table.  I like RR and would go back.

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