A Random List of Things

1.  The Cyclist hates wedges of all kinds.  I showed him these and he said "eww".  What say you?  I accept the fact that I am not the best shoe (or clothing) picker outer and The Cyclist does a much better job of picking stuff for me.....but I still think these are cute.

2.  We got evacuated from work yesterday.  It was not as fun as fire drills when I was a kid.  It was hot and I wished I had grabbed a bottle of water before I left.  Plus my duffle bag purse weighs 500 lbs.

3.  Having my feedburner burn out was not cool.  I'm kind of impressed with myself that I was able to fix it.

4.  Is anyone else as irritated as I am with this Text Enhance garbage?  It makes it look like stuff on web-pages is linked but it's really just an ad.  I keep trying to opt out and I can't get rid of it, it just tells me "you have not been opted out".  Of course their help desk won't respond.  Urgh.

5.  I have a nifty picture only post I'm preparing for you all on Moodboard, but I keep forgetting to take a picture of a banana in a glass of water.  Yeah.  More on that later.

6.  After telling me the shoes in #1 were "eww" The Cyclist then said he wanted these...

....um seriously?  He even prefaced the subject line with "Boom!!".  I think he's been eating too many of those crack...ers.

7.  The Cyclist and I recently became attached to this awesomely good series we found on Netflix called The Killing.  We watched 3 episodes the first night and only stopped because we both fell asleep.  Hey 11pm is the late night when you pass 30.  Just sayin'.

8.  Speaking of being past 30, apparently two and a half margaritas now results in stupid behavior, sickness and an entire day of feeling like garbage.  For both of us.

9.  Speaking of spending an entire day feeling like garbage, I was forced (what?!) to skip my long run on Sunday.  Which meant I had to do the run in my three least favorite conditions: on Monday, after work and in the heat (90+).  I succeeded!  8 miles!

10.  Speaking of running, a bunch of us ladies are doing this race on Saturday, in which my Mom will most likely totally kick my butt, which is really all kinds of cool.

<List End>

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  1. 1. The wedges are cute
    6. I have a (not-so) secret love of Crocs (at home only!!)
    8. I swear I get hungover if I sleep with the window open.
    10. Good luck on Sat, looks fun! :)

  2. Ummm...wedges are really cute...crocks?? Nick is eating crack....ers! And don't bet on me beating you Saturday...I'm sticking with you...I have a 7 day trip I don't want to be scraped up for!! :-)

    1. Note that you said, "I'm sticking with you", that doesn't mean that you wouldn't normally beat me you animal!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Tell TC he's nuts. Those shoes (#1) are super cute! Get them.

    And, good luck on Saturday. What a fun race! You'll do great. :-)

    P.S. I'm so out of it, I've never heard of text enhancement (what am I, 90 years old)!?

    1. Amber, be glad that stupid text enhance didn't find it's way to your computer. It is SO annoying. Thanks for the thumbs up on the shoes! :)

  4. I love the wedges....crocs, jury's still out. One large followed by a small glass of red last Saturday, with a big dinner I might add and I stumbled up stairs, felt it for 24 hours following. Too old, too old!! My cyclist is driving me crazy this week...deep breath, repeat to self "I love him really". :-)

    1. Lincoln Grand Prix 2012 tomorrow, fingers crossed for some sunshine...!! Happy cycling :-)

  5. Those wedges are super awesome! But I'm not exactly known for being fashionable...!

    1. Laura - me either BUT, everyone else seems to like them so I say majority wins!


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