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Hi friends.
We are currently in the process of moving.  Again.
This year has been a crazy town mash up of remodeling, graduating, selling, moving, looking, job-hunting, travelling and moving.  Again.
There have been numerous trips to the Goodwill, tons of full recycling bins and more cardboard boxes than I can count.
"I am SO sick of boxes", is a phrase most definitely uttered from my lips.

But 'Moving Sucks' is an old story that everyone knows.
So instead let me tell you about a box of awesomeness.

Box of Awesomeness.

Between all of those endless cardboard boxes, this was a box I was happy to see.
This is a POPSUGAR Must Have Box.
This is a box of goodness.

Let's open it together.

Hi DIY Box?!  Seriously.  I am on a mission right now to clear out my cardboard and start on the swirling mecca of DIY projects I have planned.  The Cyclist thinks I'm nuts.  I probably am.
However, I have a design bug itching and I'm going to scratch it.
It could potentially end in disaster.

Or maybe not, now that I have this book to help me!
P.S.-You're Invited . . .: 40+DIY Projects for All of Your Fashion, Home D├ęcor & Entertaining Needs*

A Shoptiques gift card.  Sweet. Shoptiques is a collection of boutique items from around the globe.

A fancy Reed Diffuser from Barr-Co.

The scent is a combination of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver.  To be honest I can't tell yet if I really love it or really don't love it.  I'm on the fence.  The scent is real though, we moved it from this table to our mantle.  I was surprised how fragrant it got so quickly.

Treats!  Of course I like food in the mail. It would be wrong if I didn't.

Super cute paper coasters from Rifle Paper Co.!

And last but not least......

Kitsch Headbands.  I'm really hoping these don't sproing off of my head.  Don't laugh.  I can hear you! I have a cone-head or something because these things usually go flying off like a sling-shot.  It is good for a laugh though.  At my expense of course.

SO!  Thank goodness for one cardboard box of fun stuff this week!  I may have gone cray without it.
You can get your box of awesome stuff here.  At $35/mo this is a super deal - based on my calculations the goods shown here would retail at over $120.  This would make a great gift too!

Thanks for opening with me.  Now I will return to my house of boring cardboard boxes, so many in fact, that my evening is filled with multiple trips to the recycling center.

****OH. MY. GOSH!!****
All of this moving has apparently really gone to my head because I totally forgot to give you the coupon code for your very own must have box when I originally posted this!  Here you go:

Legal: Code is valid until 10/20/2013 only on new subscriptions. See Must Have Terms for details.
Start: 9/27/13
Ends: 10/20/13

You can get your box HERE.


*This is an affiliate link, if you click it and buy something from Amazon a portion of your purchase goes to the blog.  Thanks!

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