A Walk in the Woods {Rendezvous Ski Trails, West Yellowstone, MT)

My parents left for our favorite place in the world last weekend and have arrived at the cabin in the woods. We all so wish we could go this year too, but with baby on the way we are saving our time for her arrival instead......I'll say she's worth it, but we will all still miss our annual cabin trip so.

In my nostalgia I realized I have a bunch of things to share with you from our trip last year.  So let's start exploring now!

Welcome to the Rendezvous Ski Trail (which is a nice trail run or walking area in the summer).

Where dogs like to run and kids do too.  With a mouth full of Clif bar Levi was off......

....but thankfully willing to wait up.

That face!
And so it went, walking and running and walking.

And well.  Peeing.  Anyone with boys knows this is a common occurrence.

There are many beautiful things to see and photograph.

And when you spend a lot of time with a camera and a 4 year old this happens too.

Both dogs took turns running and running....



Then Levi decided to join Otis too.

And then we went back to walking.

And flower hunting.

All in all, this is a good place for a happy dog.

And a happy fam.

Hey, P.S.  Don't forget to check the map.

The trails loop and even though you are right on the edge of town, the loops might be confusing.  Also, the shooting range is nearby.

This area makes for a great flat trail run or walk in the summer and is conveniently located right at the edge of West Yellowstone.  Happy Trails!


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HELP WANTED: Nursery Design

Hello friends, I hope this post finds you well.

I was reading in one of my many baby books last night that starting this month this baby in my belly will double in size.  Like woah!  Suddenly I feel a rush to get a bunch of stuff done!  We did manage to sort through a bunch of bins of baby clothes yesterday and pull out what will work for our girl, so there's that.

We also measured for wallpaper in the baby room.  First let me show you the baby room....

I know.  Not the most revealing photo but it works.  The ceiling looks popcorn in this picture but it is really just textured....it's a familiar texture in older homes in this area and it is much nicer than orange peel.  This house was built in the 60's.  Since we are renting we are limited in what we can do, but wallpapering the back wall with a removable paper shouldn't be too difficult to put up (and/or take down if we have too). All of the sliders have vertical blinds which...well I hate them honestly, but they do block the light. I hope to put a nice soft curtain over the top of the vertical blinds.  The light fixture is a cute mid-mo deal, but Levi's room has an awesome gold/brass chandelier.  I would like to swap the two lights, but he says he likes his (go figure!), so we'll see. Other than that we have a pretty clean palette to work with. Additionally the room is really functional with a nice built in and a big closet with shelves.

So, we searched around for wallpaper on Spoonflower and found this one, which I absolutely love.

  sketchy plants & birds - pink

However, at $60 a roll it will cost us about $300 to wallpaper one wall.  If it was my own house I'd probably go for it, but since we may eventually have to take it down, I'm having trouble paying that much to do just one wall.....

So tell us what you think!  I've been using Polyvore to create some collages.  (BTW, Polyvore is great for those of us who have trouble visualizing a space.)

Nursery ideas

(See what I mean?!)  You can find links to all of the images at the bottom of this post.  We are trying to decide between the two cribs, both are reasonably priced and convert to a toddler bed with a rail, so it should last us about 4 years.  The bedding we already have.  We bought a new couch from RH last year and with that came two sizable gift certificates, so we used those to buy the bedding, which I really love.  I was having trouble finding anything that was just plain pink.  All of the baby stores have the "theme" thing happening and all of the bedding seemed to be covered in cartoons, which we were not fans of.

Anyway, we started pricing wallpaper through Lowe's and Home Depot and came up with some good alternatives that will probably cost 1/2 as much as the pretty birdies that I love.  

Nursery 4

I like the floral-ness of this one but also kind of feel like its a bit too much.  I'm having a problem because I really want to use those botanical prints somewhere in the nursery, but I don't know that they'll work with all of the wallpapers.  (See how to get those botanical prints FREE by following the link at the bottom of this post.)

Nursery 5

OK.  Am I suffering from pink overload with this one?

Nursery 3

I'm loving the hippy feel of this paper and the bold colors that it brings.  I think it is a good way to mix the pink but also have a wall that stands out.

Lowe's WP

So, this is the one I said we should switch to over the weekend and then I remembered my botanical prints. I'm not sure if they work together or not but I do love this wallpaper.  We also have gray sheets, so this could work well.  It just seems so different than the original idea.  The other worry I have is how it will work with the brass/mirrored closet door (gold/gray/pink??).

So, what say you?  We would love any suggestions.  We are also taking name suggestions.  :)

Happy Monday everyone, thanks for your help.


Link love:
(For links to the wallpaper click over to my Polyvore Profile)

Wall art

Wall art

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