Dad's Day at Nevada City Classic

Hey friends!

Long time no blog.  I've been trying to figure out how to do this whole mom-ing and blogging thing together, but haven't quite determined how to do it yet.  I'm working on it.  I miss the blog and I miss y'all.  But today I've got something for ya, woot!

How did everyone spend their Dad's Day?  This year we went to one of our favorite little towns, Nevada City, CA to watch one of our favorite little crit's the Nevada City Classic.  (If you forgot what a crit was, click this link and let me teach ya.)  It was the 55th year anniversary of this race!

We have actually been going to the Nevada City Classic for the past several years, but last year found a sweet little hotel through our friends that is actually on the course - The Outside Inn - so we booked it last year and this year we stayed over.

Via Outside Inn

This is such a fun little place.  The rooms are all themed and just slightly different from the other.  There is a great picnic area in the center with tables, grass and BBQ's + a water feature/koi pond.  There is also a pool, which is fun with the kids....if you stay make sure you check out how they light up the pool area at night!  The staff is so laid back and friendly too.  I would totally recommend staying here if you're planning a trip to Nevada City.

We hung out in the pool for a bit and then watched the race and visited Dad's.  I was lucky to have both of my dad's come and hang out with us and our kiddos.

Instead of BBQ'ing for dinner we made it easy on ourselves and ordered yummy Pete's Pizza and enjoyed it picnic style in the grass area of the hotel.

On Monday morning we had a delicious breakfast - again picnic style - from South Pine Cafe (hello ollaliberry pancakes!) then headed out to the south fork of the Yuba River and spent some time in the sun.  It was so beautiful!

We hope all of you had a great Dad's Day too!  We can't wait to go back next year!


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