I'm supposed to be running a half marathon next Saturday. It is to be my second in six weeks.

I screwed up by taking a week off after the last race and then the weather turned yucky......and I got lazy. But I signed up anyway knowing the goal would get me back into training mode.

Unfortunately while my brain says "go, go, go", my body is saying "no, no, no". Today it is my knee.

This, mind you, is all a result of my absolutely terrible stretching habits. So my advice to all of you athlete's out there is to STRETCH! All the time. Or you will be subject to whining in a boo-hoo post just like me.

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Da Numba One

OK, so in all the extra time I have (insert sarcastic laughter here) I decided to start a blog. I suppose if you are reading this that is sort of obvious....

Anyway, The naggy person in my mind says I don't have time to really be doing this, but the creative me says "whatever" and so I've decided to add to the frenzy.

A comment on the blog title - I'm not the cyclist's wife quite yet. I am the cyclist's fiance but I have a terrible affliction to that word, fiance, I can't help but use my Muffy Rich Lady voice to say it - "Fi-on-say" just never comes out right. And, "The Cyclist's Fiance" just sounds dumb. Plus, the wedding date is less than 3 months away, so I figure I can claim the wife title for blog purposes now.

I hope to bring you a mish-mash of food, books, travel & training, all while I attempt to work 40 hours a week, plan a destination wedding, train for a half-marathon, be a part-time mom and sag-wagon races every weekend from now until September.

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