Cool Thing Friday #13

Ohhhh #13, should we be scurred?  Nah.

Although these cities from high above do make my bum tingle a bit #afraidofheights

This video is amazing.

Having a bad day?  Bet it's not as bad as this.

I have a mild obsession with these vanishing tribes.

Some fish stories are real, like this one and this one and this one.

Usually I would never say no to ice cream but....yeah NO!

I want to see this movie and eat this food.

Really ladies?  Really?

Best infographic ever.

Happy Friday!


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Cool Thing Friday #12 - Before & After, Side by Side

This Cool Thing Friday I have the day off!  So I'm sharing Friday's cool stuff today - Before & After's and Side by Sides.

Someday Nicholas and I will hike the PCT.  This guy did it and you can watch his 1700 mile, 159 day journey and 90lb transformation in just 3 minutes.  The end is the best part.

This is a crazy transformation in Mississippi.

Since we have to wait until January for Downton to start again, we can bide our time looking at our favorite characters in and out of costume.  Mrs. Hughes!

And if you binge watched Orange Is the New Black like me...and now its over, we can bide our time looking at our favorite characters in and out of costume.  Crazy Eyes!

This photojournalist had 40 Photoshop experts around the world retouch her photo to match their idea of beauty.  {Full slideshow here}.  Why am I not surprised that the US looks the most creepy?


And our own personal boy and dog.

Most of these are like woah!  But I'm not going for Leo or Zach Ganlifianakis. {via}

Love a celebrity look alike?  Check out faux Emma Watson.

Alrighty friends, happy Friday to all and to all a good weekend, especially those with a 3 day weekend.


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Cool Thing Friday #11 - Babies and Boobies

So, it's National Breastfeeding month.

Considering that, maybe we should start the month off by awarding this teen barista at Starbucks.

Here is a breastfeeding chart with some interesting facts...

Way to go CA, OR & ID!

I don't really understand why breastfeeding has seemed to be such a big deal in the news lately.  I saw something that said we should stop calling it breastfeeding and start calling it baby-feeding....we aren't feeding our breasts anyway, right?  Would people really be less freaked out if we said "I'm baby feeding" instead of "I'm breastfeeding"?  Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing people.  Really.  Let's not make it sexual just because boobs are involved, OK?  It is about feeding and nourishing a baby in the best and most healthy way available.  That is all.

How about this Dad and his baby?

You can check out his awesome photo series here.

Dang girl. And Dad.  I don't know how keen I'd be on my husband if he filmed my labor on a GoPro!  In a parking lot no less!

A Cup of Jo is doing her Motherhood Around the World series again, it's so intriguing, I'm loving it!

Is it  just me or does this seem like a terrible idea for welcoming a new baby home?  I suppose I should consider the source.  Just sayin'.

Loving these photos, this blended family and this adorable baby.

Sorry, but this weirds me out.  What a family dynamic!

Last but not least, we had some amazing family pictures (and maternity photos) taken a few weeks ago!

If you are in the Sacramento area and looking for a photographer, please call Tina Norton and tell her I sent you!

Cheers to babies & boobies on this Friday!


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Books of Late #4

Hi Friends,
I've been on a reading tip of late, consuming books as the summer flies by.
Let's check out a few......

Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls

Ahhh David Sedaris.  Funny man and frequent contributor to This American Life.  My favorite David Sedaris book is Me Talk Pretty One Day, but Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls did not disappoint.  A collection of essays, this book is easy to read and good for a giggle.

As a side note, in the book David talks about his disgust for the amount of litter in the area he lives in, so he begins collecting trash on his own time.  I just saw this article, it looks like his work is paying off!

The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing

This was a re-read.  This is another collection of short stories, but pay attention, they overlap meeting certain characters at different points and taking sub-characters from one story and making them main characters in another story.  It is a short glimpse into others lives and I like that kind of book.

Everything Is Perfect When You're a Liar

I did not finish this book.  This is saying a lot considering I will read junk just to get to the end or learn the whole story no matter how bad it is.  Case in point: my Dad bought me the book by Pulitzer Prize Winning author Dog the Bounty Hunter as a joke; I read the whole thing just so I could go through and red pen all the grammatical errors.  Considering I couldn't even finish Everything is Perfect when You're a Liar I guess we can say I was not a fan.  I read that Kelly Oxford is popular on Twitter (?).  I was not aware of her until I heard about this book on another blog.  Based on the Amazon reviews it seems people like her better on Twitter than as an author/autobiographer.  I'm just going to tell you I (really) didn't like her book.

The Lowland

To put it simply, this story is beautifully told.  Spanning several decades, it is the tale of one family and the many changes they go through, both good and bad.  The story is told at different points from different characters perspectives.  It is very easy to get lost in this book.  I would not be surprised if this was turned into a movie and if it does I would love to see it.  If you have not read a Jhumpa Lahiri novel before, I would also recommend The Namesake, which is another great was made into a movie.

So, what have you been reading this summer?


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Mountain Man Rendezvous

Every summer just on the edge of West Yellowstone you will find a little festival called Mountain Man Rendezvous.

Sadly, we aren't in Montana this year to see it, but we did have a fun stop there last year.  Fur hats and all.

There are lots of things to buy from furniture to horns...

Testing out a porch swing....

There are numerous tents and lots of characters dressed to period, all worth checking out.

Lucky for you if you're in the West Yellowstone area, Mountain Man Rendezvous is going on right now!

Stop by and say hi to everyone for us!


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Cool Thing Friday #10

Happy Friday!

I absolutely loved this video....

I am a fast reader already, but reading novels in under 90 minutes could be cool....or maybe not?

Food Maps.  I'd love to see California.  In this series, Italy looks the most delicious!

I don't watch American Ninja Warrior, but this girl!  THIS GIRL IS AWESOME!  She makes this look so's not! {Via}

Filling up your recycle bin every week may not be a good thing.

Are you left brained or right brained?  I am equally brained.

Animal Photo bombs.  {Via Shutterbean}.

Happy Friday friends, enjoy your weekend!


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