Cyclebration - Day 2

We had 4 younger riders crash with us after the BBQ.
This is the fabulous breakfast that I prepared for them....

Since we were staying in a house that had been empty for three months, all I could offer was left-over birthday cake.
So after a quick trip to Peet's and Jamba, we headed back to the homestead so the boy's could change and ride over to the circuit race start.

Meanwhile, I took a walk down the bike trail to the old quarry and threw the ball for our dog, Otis....

"Throw the ball. Throw it. Throw the ball! I'm ready! Pleeeze! Throw it!"

*Repeat this exercise 5-10 times*


"Can we rest here in the shade for awhile?"
Good Dog.

To the races!

So, a circuit race is like a crit, but the course is longer (usually closer to two miles or more). Also, road race rules apply, so if you have a crash or mechanical failure, you do not get a free lap.

The race started up and it seemed like the peloton was very slow to come around.
When we did see them, a break was beginning to form....The Cyclist made a nice attempt at bridging the gap...
After they all passed, we noticed some stragglers coming around...
(Sorry T, that bites)
...then the wheel car...
...and we realized there must have been a crash on lap 1.
Unfortunately, this happened to one of our good friends...
We hope he is healing nicely.
In lap two, this break formed... looked like it might stick for awhile, so my brother & I decided it was time for one of these....
...there is nothing better than cold beer on a hot day.
This was from a local brewer - Lockdown Brewing and it was really good.

Remember that break?
Well, it did more than stick. Those guy's remained out front the whole race. The gap was big too.

Meanwhile, I managed to take some pretty decent shots (no sport continuous on this day!)

...and, I caught the finish on video....

(I'm not sure why I've never done this before!

YouTube Video

The winner was friend of the blog Chuck Hutcheson! Good job!

Additionally, when I saw a friend of ours hanging out the sunroof of the pace car with his super giant camera....
...I knew he would get some great photos.
His pics can be seen here.

Because The Cyclist and other team members finished in the GC (top 16 overall), we got stuck waiting around for 500 years for the final results. (Yes dear, 500 years is an exaggeration).

Since I was sitting on the curb, footwear caught my attention.
And so begin my gallery of cyclist/spectator footwear...

And last but not least....teammate & friend Adam Ross won the Lanterne Rouge of Cyclebration, which turned out to be this awesome trailer....


Until next year....

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