Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween everyone from the Ninja (turtle?), Pirate (arrrr) and the world's cutest Fireman.

Are you trick-or-treating or passing out candy?  Or hiding from trick-or-treaters?  It's not too late to make some Mummy Dogs!

This is currently cooking in my crock-pot, with some minor adjustments.  This will get tossed into the oven later by my awesome mom.  We'll be headed to a chili cook-off later with the fam, followed by some trick-or-treating.  Is it wrong to hope Levi gets good candy so I can eat it?  I hope not.

Speaking of candy, here is something fun to do with your Halloween Candy and Beer.

Whatever you and yours are up too I hope it is safe and fun!

Have a spooky day!

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  1. Super cute! Happy Halloween to you too. Great outfits. :-)


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