A Treat from Main Street Cellars {Winters, CA}

I must admit this post is a long time coming.  

Back in August, (yes, August) The Cyclist did a ride out of Winters, CA.  Before returning home he stopped for a bite with some of our friends at Main Street Cellars.  Upon his return to our house he brought me a bounty.

Multiple beers, deliciously smoked pork with cabbage fixin's and the best rolls I've ever eaten.
Seriously.  Good.  Food.  Oh yeah and seriously good beer too.

I have to give it to that husband of mine.  He is much more charming than I.  In talking to the owner, Mike Peterson, he dropped that I have a food blog and scored all of this deliciousness.  I'm sure it also helped that Mike is the cousin of a good friend of ours (thanks Jay!).

I can't even form the words to describe how good it was except to tell you that if I think hard enough I can still smell the smokiness of that pork, all the way over here in October.

Beerwise - Knee Deep's Tanilla Porter is a favorite of mine but I think I enjoyed the Cool Beanz a little better actually.  There was a nice strong chocolate-y, coffee flavor which is a great match for the smokiness of the pork.

But yeah, lets get back to my bad blogging habits and delay on this post.  I think I've mentioned we've moved recently.  Twice that is.  I swear in the process of this move I've lost many things including my mind.  The photo editing department at TCW (read: Sarah, me, this lady, TCW) is seriously backed up. Latent internet connections, exhaustion and life (among other things) have prevented my normal blogging flow.  These are all just excuses though.  The real deal is, I am incredibly thankful for all of this generosity from Main Street Cellars and I'm sorry it took so long to share it.

Beyond delicious food and the best tag-line ever "juicy wine.  stinky cheese.", Main street Cellars has a lot of great stuff happening including jazz on the patio every first Friday, Sunday Brunch, multiple events and wine dinners.  If you live in the area, you should like their Facebook Page or sign up for their e-mail list.


Not to mention, they've got a great looking patio too.  Even though we're now in Fall it would be nice on a crisp, clear day.


And, they have bocce ball.  Enough said.


If you are in, around or near Winters (or not), you should take a peek at Main Street Cellars.


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