Cool Thing Friday - Rent the Runway

Not.  Even.  Kidding.

I first told you about Rent the Runway here, though at that point I had no occasion to try it myself yet.

Enter my dad's wedding for which I was asked to wear red, with whatever shoes I wanted.
Seems pretty easy right?  I even created a Pinterest Board to help myself out.
Alas, I was still having trouble.  And then I remembered Rent the Runway.

Here's the scoop:

  • Choose a designer gown to rent at a reasonable price.
  • RTR will ship you TWO sizes.
  • Ship the dress to your location.
  • Wear the dress.
  • Send it back.


This was honestly such a great service.  The website is user friendly and filled with reviews from real women who have rented and worn the dresses.  Most reviews include the ladies height (and sometimes weight) and what size they wore.

I was a little leery of my plan to use RTR for a wedding.....I didn't have a back-up dress.  My RTR dress arrived the day before the wedding, which was in another state.  But in the end, I just went for it and it was so worth it.  I didn't have to cart the dress around with me in the car.  Both sizes arrived beautifully packaged in a garment bag (which I got to keep) along with some bath samples.  The dresses were returned in a UPS envelope that was provided.  RTR also sent e-mail reminders before the event, when the dresses were shipped and reminders to return them.

SO.  If you have an event - including a wedding of your own (this would seriously be so awesome for bridesmaids!!), I highly recommend RTR!  Oh, and did I mention you can also rent jewelry chosen by a stylist? And now I see RTR is also doing Halloween costumes!

BTW - this is not a sponsored post.  I paid for the dress for myself and I'm just sharing the goodness of my experience with y'all.

Happy Cool Thing Friday!!

P.S.  I kicked another item off of my bucket list with this wedding!

#9 Give Away the Groom
Congratulations Dad & Tracy!!


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