List of things I'm lovin'

On this, Valentines Day, I bring you a list of things I'm lovin' lately.  Now let's get our list on, shall we?

Rent the Runway - Have you heard of this?  I saw it on The Egg.  The title of her post caught my eye "always a bride$maid".  So. True.  When  clicked to her page (you should too) and saw the fabulous bridesmaid gowns in the photo I thought, much did those cost?!
Via The Egg
See what I mean?  But then she reveals to us Rent the Runway.  A nifty service where you can rent a designer dress for around $100.  They mail it to you (I think it also includes a back-up size), you wear it, act fabulous and send it right on back.  What a great idea!!  Seriously, who wants to pay hundreds of dollars on a dress (that's not as great as a designer dress) to never wear it again?  Brilliant I say.  Just brilliant.

Flipboard - I'm probably sounding like 1982 on this, but Flipboard (an app for your phone) is new to me and I'm totally loving it.  I needed a good news app and my smart hubs recommended this one.  It is extremely easy to use and flawless in its design.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies by Two Peas & Their Pod - Yes, I have a bit of a salted caramel obsession.  It started at Molly Moon's and it hasn't stopped since.  What I really like to do is try to get other people to love salted caramel as much as I do.  The Cyclist told me about 82 times how good these cookies were, so I think I have a convert.

Via Two Peas & Their Pod

The Taste - Have you seen it yet?  Here are my thoughts:  Anthony Bourdain seems nicer than I thought he would be.  I love that a lot of home chefs were chosen and are doing fairly well.  It's cool/crazy/fair that judges can accidentally kick people off of their own team.  I secretly want to be a contestant.  My mom and I can't stand Diane, sheesh what a horrible attitude!

Who am I rooting for?  Well our hometown dude of course!  Chef Adam Pechal who has a couple of restaurants here in Sacramento.  I also like Sarah, the blogger who is apparently also a pyromaniac.

Avocado on toast - Admittedly, I saw this on Shutterbean and thought it looked kind of weird.  Then one day I tried it.  Now I have it for breakfast almost everyday.  It is so. freaking. good.  Butter?  What's that? Seriously, smash up some avocado, spread it on toast, be friendly with your salt and have breakfast, or a snack, or lunch.

Via you should follow me on Instagram!

Finding out I have Monday off - yeah, kind of rad.  Three day weekend!  Woot!

And.....last but not least.....and not just because it's Valentines Day.....

My Husband - Yes, The Cyclist.  That's him.

He who loves me and who I love back.  Who likes my food and my stupid jokes.  Who says nice things and makes me smile.  Who buys me a big girl camera and makes me cry tears of joy.

Who I am proud of and hope he is proud of me.  Who said I could do this to him as long as I used good pictures.  Who is my best friend.  Who is home.

What....or who....are you lovin'?

Happy ♥ Day!

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  1. Ahhh.... That's almost as sweet as those cookies you've been trying to fatten me up with! Almost;)


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