Pinspiration {Thai green chicken curry by The Food Fox}


How's that for some Pinspiration?  I saw this on Pinterest and knew I had to try it.  I learned a couple of things from this recipe.

1.  Fresh coriander is cilantro.  Who knew?  I didn't.

2.  If I knew it was this easy to make green curry, I would have been making it way longer than this!

Food Fox calls for 1 can of coconut milk but notes that for a thicker sauce, use coconut cream.  So far I've made this twice, once with coconut milk only and the second time with 1/2 coconut milk and 1/2 coconut cream. When I make this again, I will be using all coconut cream.  I like the sauce thick and in my opinion that is the best way to achieve it.

This is a great recipe that can be made fairly quickly after a day of work.  It can also be easily changed around to add more veggies, tofu or whatever else you may like.  I added eggplant for one of my tries and it was really good.  For the full recipe click the link below the picture.


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