May 30, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Phase 2 - Bye Bye Betty Draper!

Oh how I have been waiting to share this post with you!!  I can't tell you how much I have been LOVING our new kitchen.  It makes me a bit sad to leave, but I am still so excited for our new adventures to come. And....considering The Cyclist is this handy I see yet more renovations in our future.  Are you reading this Cyclist?

We actually started this project back in 2011, when we completed Phase 1.  Although I shared with you back then that we suffered from a Betty Draper kitchen but I didn't share all the details.


Seriously, I am so excited.  Can you feel it?!  OK, I'll stop typing now!

Not.  Even.  Kidding.

By the way, remember how I said our old kitchen was like Betty Draper's?  I actually think hers was nicer!

Anyway, let's keep looking at the before & after's shall we?

And just after....

This has been one crazy ride!  I think we are both shocked at how good it turned out.  I mentioned yesterday we are selling our house, so if you want this kitchen to be yours, shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the details.

I also have to give photo credit for most of these beautiful shots to Dale Charles at Compago, who our Realtor hired to take the shots.

Now, I will go create things in this kitchen before it is no longer mine!


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  1. Kitchen looks BEAUTIFUL, Sarah! Good job, guys!

  2. OOOMMMGGG! Sarah. Okay girl, I am speechless. Scott mentioned you were remodeling, but...seriously! Absolutley stunning. The natural light in this space is to die for. And I really do like everything you've done to it. The color, the counter, the! Great job. When we do our kitchen remodel I will be calling you fo-show!


    1. Thanks Amber! It was a lot of work but we love it!

  3. That looks awesome Sarah! So much brighter and happier. I am very impressed with you guys!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Hope we see you guys soon, lets get the kiddos together!

    2. P.S. Since the kitchen is done The Cyclist is riding again. :)

  4. Looks great! Just what I'd imagined for my own kitchen (and nice to see my imagination will look great). Where did you get your shelves next to your window?

    1. Hi Marta, thanks! The shelves are from IKEA. They are great because they have these S hooks (purchased separately) to hang goods on. There is also a plant holder, dish rack and a bunch of other stuff - here is a link
      For whatever reason the actual shelf isn't showing there, but I'm sure they have it in store. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. very nice blog, follow each other??

  6. I couldn't help but laugh at the Betty Draper comparison, and like you, I'm happy you finally upgraded from that. I really love how your remodel turned out. Your kitchen went from outdated to very chic. The best part is how bright and inviting it looks now. Great job!


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