Travel - Solage, Calistoga, CA, Part Duex

I mentioned in my last Solage post that the property is connected by multiple paths and gardens containing some hidden artwork gems. After my run on Friday morning (don't applaud, I was only attempting to sweat out the overabundance of wine, among other things, from the night before), I wandered the grounds and took a bunch of photos, which you can check out below.

Additionally, because I'm now an iPad nerd and no longer the Old Lady & the Computer (well, maybe a little bit), I did doctor some of these photos using Photogene.

Please enjoy your outdoor walking tour of Solage....


...ahhh, flowers...

I ♥ this pic ↑!!

Bocce Ball anyone?

 give you a better idea of the "studios"

These little quails were hanging out near our porch when I got home...

...what's that?  You can't see them?
Does this help...?

...yes, I am a nerd.
But ColorSplash is coolio.

And, mama birdie....

We had a great time at Solage!  I hope we get to go back again.  
Next week I will bring you Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville & Napa, wineries and more. 
Hope you enjoyed the photos! 
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