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I've been promising a post on Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville & Napa, so please consider this Part 1 of the series. I realized I have so many photos that it would be better and more interesting to break it up a bit.

So here goes....

While waiting for my hubby to arrive, I took a walk from Solage to town one morning.
Town being Calistoga.

I love moss on trees....

...for some reason this reminds me of the South.
Not that I have ever been there, but, for some reason I have it in my mind that trees in the South are mossy.
Are they?

Anyway, these trees are actually on the grounds of Solage....

As I got into Calistoga, I noticed all of these olive trees in pots lined up in front of an art gallery.... turns out they were part of a project.

Each tree had a theme...this one was my favorite....

Passers-by were encouraged to fill out a tag and hang it on the appropriate tree....

...I thought this was really neat.
I spent a good amount of time there reading various messages.

I passed this cute little cafe on the edge of the creek....... anyone?

I liked the mural on the building...

There is a little creek that runs through the middle of town.....

I admittedly should have taken more photos of Calistoga itself, but I lamed out. Sorry peeps.
We did eat at a few different places there, which I listed below. All are linked to my Yelp reviews.

Speaking of Brannan's Grill.  We ordered this....

...Bone Marrow.

You can read my Yelp review for all the details....
....not saying anything bad about Brannan's Grill, but bone marrow is not our thing.
At all.
And we are not picky.
At all.
Just sayin'.

That said, the Pulled Mozzarella we had at Brannan's was freaking amazing!
I am, at some point, going to attempt to pull mozzarella at home and re-make their caprese salad.
It was to die for.  Seriously.  So. Good.

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  1. Great pictures as usual. One of my favorite parts of the world (so far). Great place to to train too.


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