Travel - Solage, Calistoga, CA

I am so excited about my first travel post! I know. I'm a big nerd. But I love going places and I've been eager to share some adventures with everyone. I hope I can keep filling up my travel tab as time goes on. (See the new travel tab up there ↑?!)

Anyway, this weekend I had the pleasure of staying at Solage in Calistoga, CA. Even better, The Cyclist and I did not have to fund this little adventure.

My co-worker once said we have the urban legend of jobs....I think it's probably true. My work takes us on a Firm Outing every year. We get to bring a guest, we always stay at a 5 star resort, we always stay from Thursday to Sunday, we have a catered dinner the first night and we get to do whatever we want the rest of the time. Really. I'm not kidding. So if my boss is reading this, THANK YOU!

This was our second visit to Solage; of all the places we have gone, this is definitely one of our fav's.

Of course, you know The Cyclist and I aren't going to complain about a hotel where you get 2 cruisers with your room....

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, but classy at the same time.

So, due to his strong commitment to school, I arrived Thursday and The Cyclist came Friday - he opted to stay home to take a test on Friday morning.....dedication is a good thing, but I'll be glad when he's graduated!

My room wasn't ready yet, so I chilled out on the patio....

...and then moved along to a chaise by the pool.....

....nice view....

"Mrs. O, your room is ready..."
Oh, fabulous.

Would you like a tour?

Your private patio is right out that door....

...your bed looks out onto the patio....

The bathroom is that way, but first let's go around the other side....

Coffee or tea, anyone?
And to the bathroom we venture...

Just kidding. There wasn't really anyone in there.
But since you were wondering, here is what inside the shower looks like...

....the floor is cool....

(blurry pic, my bad)

What's that?
Yes. I'll take a cushy, plush robe. Thank you.

Little bench.

And me in the mirror....

...and back around again....

The rooms are "studios". Basically, there are several free standing buildings spread across the property, each one consisting of 2 studios. The studios are divided by a housekeeping closet, so you aren't sharing a wall with any neighbors. The suites have a private hot tub on the patio. (Sorry, no suite for me, no photo for you!)

The property is connected by multiple paths and gardens. There are some great pieces of artwork, which I will show you later this week!

Along a personalized voice mail from our hotel manager asking us to call him with any questions and wishing us a nice stay, how's this for service...

To be honest, you couldn't even hear the race from the room, but Wow.

Ahh, it's nice to be pampered! Thank you Solage!

P.S. The food at SolBar is really good! I did not take photos (boo on me) but I did write a lengthy Yelp review.
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  1. Great post. come and check out mine.


  2. Hi There Sara~

    Great pictures! I love how you made your picture look worn; great effects. Sigh. Isn't the Solage so luxurious! Wish we could stay there for weeks. I wonder where we will be off to next year?

  3. Thanks! I'm posting "Part Duex" today. I took that photo using the Hipstamatic app. It's pretty cool. I wish we could stay there forever!!! I would not mind going back next year. :)


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