Farmer's Market

I ventured to the Farmer's Market on Sunday..... had been a bit so I was happy to be back....'s a preview of what I got....

.....can you guess???

Let's see.....

...Pluot's.  They are still hanging around, which makes me happy.
They are starting to dwindle though, which makes me sad.
So I bought 8 of them.

...Green onions.  Not sure what I'll use these for.

...Hot peppers.  I've been buying these of late and having them hang around the fridge.
They're nice to throw in random stuff.  
I have a plan for these guys though.

...Buttercup pumpkins.  It is Halloween soon.  So these could be decorative, don't you think?

....Mixed greens.  For lunch salad, yum!

....Red bells.  For any roasted red pepper goodness I might decide to make.

...Fuji Apples.  They are The Cyclist's favorite.  
These were the first of the season, so I wasn't sure how good they'd be.
He gave them a thumbs up.

...Arugula.  I ♥ arugula.  So good in salad.
Nice & peppery.

....Some stuff I forget the name of.  I bought it from the herbs lady.
I was thinking we could use it as a micro-green on sandwiches.
Has anyone noticed the sprouts shortage?
The Cyclist & I love sprouts but they are never in the store anymore!
We have been using micro-greens instead.
But, I don't know what these are.  
Any guesses?

...Green beans.  Yum.  I love fresh steamed green beans.

...Yellow Onion.  Self explanatory.

...Red Onion.  See above.

...Avocado.  I got these for a recipe I'll be reviewing later this week - Chicken Tortilla Soup.
It was good!
I have been avoiding buying avo's at the market because they seemed expensive.
But, Nana says 5 for $6 is cheap, so I did good.

Now.  Please note all of my plastic bags.
I really need to break this habit.

A friend and fellow blogger just wrote about a bunch of great alternatives to plastic on her blog, The Tasty Alternative.  I am embarrassed to admit how many times I've gone to the store and forgotten my re-usable grocery bags, or simply left them in the car.  I also seem to always grab the plastic bags at the grocery and the Farmer's Market, even when I don't necessarily need them.  I am determined to break these habits and cut my plastic down....please hold me accountable blogosphere.  You have my permission to flog me in the comment section if you catch me with a bunch of plastic bags.

Other than the excessive plastic, all in all, another good day at the market!

Oh, and if you're paying attention, there is a hint in here.

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  1. Sara,

    I LOVE YOU for this post! It makes my heart smile when others take time to reflect on their impact on the earth. Good for you - you go green girl! I promise to refrain from slapping your hand if I see you carrying a plastic bag...just a little "love pat" ur, that's what they called it back in the day, right?

    Good job Sara!
    Be Well, --Amber

  2. Thanks Amber! We are good to the earth in many ways but there is always room for improvement. This is where I need to do some serious work! :) So please smack me if you see me with a plastic bag! :)


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